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Thursday, October 20, 2022

the big chop

the bean has always wanted to cut their hair short, and we've always had to hold off because of cheer - had to have enough hair for those big ponytails and comp braids, you know.  and then the other thing that held us back was when puberty hit and that hair went from stick-straight to big, thick curls.  i didn't know if cutting it short was going to work with the shape of their face, and we were going to have to figure out the right products to use and how much to use and how often.  i just didn't want them to have regrets - which is likely me projecting because of the many, many bad haircuts i've had and kicked myself for.  heh.

but with cheer in the rearview mirror and with the help of our wonderfully talented stylist, we finally made the call and secured an appointment for the big shearing - which happened to coincide with my monthly visit for covering up the grays.

here's the before shots:

and then snip, snip, snip...

and those unruly curls that had been weighed down by the heaviness of the bean's incredibly thick and lustrous mane became light, bouncy, beautiful.

we left the salon that day super happy campers with our freshly done 'dos.

i'd been so worried that the bean would lose patience with the few extra steps to get ready in the morning, not to mention not being able to brush their hair like they were used to.  but i think the maintenance is actually easier than we'd both anticipated.  and the bean is thrilled to finally have the cut they've always wanted.  it even works perfectly for the halloween costume they'd been envisioning for months - i can't wait to see it all put together.

and now, neither can you.  whee!

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