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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

we're cool for the summer

for the bean, this summer was all about downtime and relaxation.  yeah, they did go to camp for ten days and had one book that had been assigned to all incoming freshmen to read before the first day of school.  but for the most part, we wanted them to just enjoy this one last summer before diving into their first year of high school - you know, just kick back and soak in all the peace and quiet so that they'd be ready to hit the ground running when the time came.

this also meant spending time with friends whenever they could get their schedules to align.  first up, a GTG at an escape room with their girlfriends from junior high:

plus several visits to disneyland with their BFF and a friend we've known since our days at gymboree when the bean was a teeny-tiny human.

we took the same two friends on a trip out to the funko shop out in hollywood:

there was at least one pool party with the junior high girls.

and we managed to get our old gang together for a fun dinner at IHOP, just like we used to do after girl scout meetings back in the day.

it was a really fun summer, and now the bean is now 45-plus days into the new school year.  so far, so good - they have a block schedule, with three 80-minute classes per day that rotate throughout the week, plus an afternoon activity of technical theater preparing for the fall play.  it's all new and exciting, with all new people and teachers and what is promising to be a very unique high school experience.  and it's great to get updates from all of their friends' parents on how everyone else is doing with their transition to high school.  it can be a rough time, but with time to get settled plus lots of support from friends and family i know everyone will be just fine.

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