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Monday, August 31, 2009

even more baconification

i was excited to have a girls' night out on friday with a handful of SFAMs at the monkey's country club.

whoa. there's a whole lotta goodness in that sentence right thurr, yes?

anyway, you all know it's not a party without a favor of some kind from me. and since i hadn't been able to share my bacon caramels with tater, my fellow bacon oddball, i decided i'd give 'em a second go-round.

look at all this goodness on my stove. bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

the cooking process seemed to go faster this time, and before i knew it, i was pouring hot molten lava into my buttered pan.

three hours of sitting around on the dining room table, and it was ready for cutting. i'd picked up some pretty pink foil squares last time i hit up the candy supply store, and they looked quite lovely in my little bags, all tied up with hot pink ribbon. too bad i ran out as i wrapped the caramels, and had to settle for cutting squares of wax paper out for the last couple of bags (sorry, friends who ended up with ghetto caramel bags).

as i left the house, i got a wet kiss from the bean, who was swimming in the pool with her daddy.

part two of my baconified weekend came yesterday, as i finally fulfilled another dream: bacon cinnamon rolls. of course, i was far too lazy to go the distance and make them from scratch, but i figured this would be a good first try.

not wanting to use completely raw bacon, i laid out my strips and put them under the broiler to give 'em a little head start.

actually, this is my second attempt at these - but the first time, i bought regular pillsbury cinnamon roll dough. those don't work. you can't unroll them as easily as these. and then i was going to buy the grands! version, but these were on sale and looked pretty much idential to the name brand. and i love me a good bargain.

i popped the package open and took them out. look, even the rolls are smiling at the prospect of what's about to happen to them.

i took the bacon out of the broiler, blotted the extra grease off, and set the strips in two of the rolls.

fifteen minutes and a drizzle of frosting later, they were ready.


this was one awesome way to start my sunday morning. i even held back and saved the second one (the others were just "plain," enjoyed by the bean and the hub), so that moan-day will also get off to a good start.

ah, how i love making all things baconlicious. and i've started putting the bacon grease in a container, because again thanks to my dear tater, i'm dying to try these cookies - in a baconified s'more (see #6 here).

you know you can't wait. don't even front.


  1. I thought of you this weekend because I bought some vosges at bristol farms.

    yep, still not really a fan. oh well, more for you!

  2. Oh, this reminds me. Jim and I were watching the Food Network and they had a special on favorite fried foods. Girl, a restaurant in NY is making Bacon Tempura. Mmm hmmm. You read that right. It looked divine!!
    Check under the appetizers on the menu section.

  3. everything looks super tasty. yum.

  4. I'm a little surprised you didn't make your own cinnamon rolls given your breadmaking skillz! I foresee homemade cinnamon rolls in your near future - you're going to LOVE making them.

  5. OMG. What's next in your bacon adventure? Thanks for the yummy bacon caramel! My husband and I loved them.

  6. My God woman - you are out of control! :)

  7. Good God, bacon cinnamon rolls? They sound and look diabolically good. I'm drooling and dying here...

  8. thank you thank you thank! so delicious.

    and you know the minimalist in me actually preferred the wax paper over the cute pink foil. it reminded me of old school salt water taffy's packaging.

  9. bacon and cinnamon rolls. I wouldn't have ever dreamt of that combo!

  10. those caramel bacon bites -- sooo delicious!!!

  11. How much of a head start did you give them under the broiler? I'm planning on trying my hand at these soon. :)


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