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Friday, August 28, 2009

planning the bean's birthday bash, 2.0

so, we've picked a date for the bean's second birthday party. holy cow, i can't even believe it's already been a whole year since this extravaganza.

now, with operation downsize 2009 still in full effect, the bash won't be nearly on the same level as that one. and that's okay - the first birthday deserved something spectacular, and subsequent parties, while still nice, definitely don't need to top each other, year after year. right?

i've been exploring all sorts of options, checking out local venues and coming up short. obviously, the thimble we live in now won't accommodate more than the occupants of it, so it's not gonna be here. and i reeeeeeeally don't dig parties at parks - having to scurry out there to secure a spot at the asscrack of dawn and then lugging shit to and fro really isn't my idea of fun, especially not knowing what kind of weather we'll be facing in the next month-ish.

the most logical choice, at this point, is the grandparents' house. i was trying to avoid going that route, mostly because they're dealing with a whole lot of personal stuff and i didn't want to add to that, but the hub seems to think it'll be just hunky-dory (i actually hate that expression with a passion, but whatever). and without a whole lot of kids on the guest list (most of my friends are child-free), places like chuck e. cheese, a.k.a. hell on earth, don't even get a second thought.

and so i move on to the next issue - the theme! i, of course, was eyeing some really cute designs for the invitations - like cupcakes, or ice cream (or créme, as the bean herself would say). the hub, on the other hand, thinks we should go with something the bean loves, like mickey/minnie mouse or her beloved "blue's clues."

um, the latter was popular eons ago, like when the teen was a bean. yeah. and how on earth will i get away with designing invitations/etc. with a mickey/minnie theme, since everything is freaking licensed by big, bad disney? dang. maybe i'll have to create a disney-esque design...inspired by the mouse. that's how a lot of those knockoff designer bags get away with it, right? "inspired."

this should be fun.


  1. I'm excited to see what you come up with. :)

  2. http://www.myheavenscentcakes.blogspot.com/

    Scroll down a little bit for a really cute minnie cake!

  3. hahaha.... I thought I was the only one who considered chuck e cheese to be hell on earth. :) I'm sure the bean's bday is going to be fab!

  4. I am sad for my failed attempt to find a venue...stupid Gourmet Gourmet.

    Oh I am a genius!! I am going to email an idea I just came up with :)

  5. The former IP attorney in me is going to pretend she didn't read that last part....

  6. A friend had a 1st bday party for her triplets and she decorated the front of her invites with a mickey paper punch (so it was just the silhouette of mickey's head). She glued 3 of them on the front, and on the inside along the wording she printed 3 more. It was so subtle that we didn't know if it was a disney theme or because her babies were the year of the mouse. Have fun with planning!

  7. I'm sure it'll be fabulous!

    Em's birthday theme will be "Carbs." Or "Sangria." Or "Carb-filled Sangria." I can't decide.

  8. just do white polka dots on a red background, then a black border, then white area with black text inside? or sub pink if you go with that costume. just make sure the guests don't have any phobia of polka dots.

    mini, i say! mini!!!

  9. I'm totally with tater - using the mouse colors are recognizable enough for most people without having to worry about trademarks and licensing.

  10. OMG. Tater did not just bring up polka dot phobia! I totally dig the mini minnie theme :) Maybe have the bean wear her minnie costume and take a picture of the recognizable shoes on her little feet, and use that as the background for the invites?

    P.S. I'm eating your bacon candy as I'm reading your blog. Very fitting, no?

  11. Um, I say screw what the kid would like on the invites, and do what you like. Hee hee.

    And, as an IP worker bee, I say stay away from The Mouse. Very far away.


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