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Monday, August 10, 2009

i scream, you scream...

do you remember when i blogged about this fabulous frozen concoction?

it's so magically delicious, i want to eat one right now. and because of that magical site known as twitter, i'm totally going to get one. or two, since it comes in a 2-pack. heh. and it's gonna be free, because i have this:

i'd clicked on "follow" for the ben & jerry's twitter account, and for the last few weeks, they'd been doing "flipped-out friday" giveaways. somehow, i managed to belly my way through and win one of the coupons for a free pack of flipped out, and a couple of weeks ago i was thrilled to open my mail and find this colorful letter and coupon.

i continued to follow the account, and when i saw a post about offering giveaways to twitter followers, i thought i'd respond and see if maybe i could finagle one for myself - only i wanted to do the giveaway here, on my little blog, rather than via my twitter. and i was pretty stoked when i got an e-mail back that said "sure, that would be great!"

i love ice cream. i can eat it any day, any time - summer, winter, blistering heat, when i'm freezing my ass off. and ben & jerry's phish food is my absolute favorite flavor - it's got so much good stuff in it. chocolate? good. marshmallow? mmm, goooood. cute little fudge fish? oh, yeah. when this flavor came out, i thought i'd died and gone to heaven. or, at least, that someone in their flavor creating department was my soulmate. there's almost always a carton of this stuff in my freezer, and i usually have to wrestle the teen for it. well, okay, not really, but she loves it as much as i do.

so, have you tried flipped out? yeah, you love it as much as i do (the peanut butter & chocolate one, so good) and you want more? or, no, but you'd love to? okay, here's what you have to do:

pimp me out to a friend. haha! well, i'm half kidding. i'm not going to blast this link on any message boards or my twitter feed - i'm going to see if you guys will do it for me. i've got 25 coupons to give out, and they'll go to the first 25 commenters, first come, first served. that should be pretty easy for y'all, because although i seem to have lots of lurkers, not a whole lot of you like to let me know you're actually reading via a comment. come out, come out wherever you are!

tell me in a comment to this post what your absolute favorite ben & jerry's flavor is (whether it's current or discontinued), or describe what your ideal flavor would consist of. don't forget to give it a clever name, too!

include your e-mail address in your comment, because i'm not the one who's going to send you the magical coupon. they go straight to my new friend who works with ben & jerry's media relations, so no worries about me stalking you - i won't see your mailing addresses.

you gotta love my creativity in whoring for readers and comments. hell, i'm pretty proud of it myself. ha!

have fun, and enjoy your free flipped out ice cream! well, some of you will, anyway. now hit the button and leave me a comment.


  1. I'm SHOCKED to see I'm the first one?!!!! OMG-Phish Food is SO my fave and I love that it also comes in FroYo so I don't feel tooo guilty. IN Fact, Hubs and I just shared some Brownie Batter last night. Nothing like lovin and little Ben and Jerry!

  2. Oh, and my email-->erinmonahan04@yahoo.com

  3. I'm a total lurker that's coming out from hiding. I found your blog and bookmarked it due to our shared love of bacon. I'm still needing to try some of the recipes.

    My email: tk.dsvs@gmail.com

    Favorite Flavor: Half baked

  4. I am a lurker, as well. I have just started following your blog a little more closer because I think you are hilarious. Now, as for the good stuff. My fav flavor is Chocolate Fudge Brownie!


  5. Old-time lurker here...love the blogg (big time bacon fan). Your lettuce wraps were a big hit in our house. My favorite flavor is chunky monkey! My email is court118@ufl.edu

    P.S. Glad you didn't stop the blog...gives me a laugh everyday.

  6. hi!! i'm a long time lurker as well!! this is only my 2nd comment to you. I feel we share the same love for food! My fave flavor is Chunky Monkey!! My email is abbyb21@hotmail.com. Thx!!!

  7. I am with you and absolutely love Phish Food!

  8. my all time fave...cherry garcia, i mean really whats not to like??
    cherry ice cream, chocolate chunks! mmm mmm mm


  9. I have to go with half baked...oh so good! Cool giveaway, is this your first one? Hope you get a lot of lurkers delurked and new readers! :) laura24morales@yahoo.com

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  12. Lurker here as well--and New York Super Fudge Chunk will be my favorite FOREVER!
    Email: melissa.giveaway@gmail.com

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  15. I am a lurker to, but your blog makes me smile and phish food is my favorite too!

    email: lacfjcm@gmail.com

  16. another lurker here, you really do have a lot!
    I loved their One Sweet Whirled ice cream and haven't seen it in quite a while...
    I live on the east coast and have been to their place in Vermont... it's awesome!

  17. Hmmm, classic Butter Pecan- sugary crispy nuts in buttery ice creamy goodness. Mmmm...

  18. im a lurker, but love your blog! i have to say phish food! the best of the best.. yumm...
    keep up the great blogging!

  19. cherry garcia, hands down. phish food is in second place. i guess i'm a hippie on the inside?!


    love the giveaway!

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  21. I'm a lurker! I love the cherry garcia flavor!


  22. chocolate chip cookie dough!



  23. My fave was Kaberry-kaboom. Sadly discontinued.

  24. Wheee! I'm a Chunky Monkey girl myself. You have my email deary. :)

  25. am i 25??? rpstegman@yahoo.com

    btw, my fave is oatmeal cookie. yum!

  26. Dublin mudlide is my fave!

    email: yelena628@gmail.com

  27. I am going to comment and then go count to see if I made it!!

    I would love to flip out over some ice cream!

    swankbride at gmail.com

  28. Oh and my fav is the Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!

  29. Commenting, then counting!!

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is Butter Pecan. I know - boring. I haven't had Ben & Jerry's in a long time but I'd love to try their version of BP. I really want to try flipped out too!!


  30. wow! so many comments already! I doubt I will get any free ice cream but, I will comment anyway. :) I have two favorites.. Chunky Monkey and Pistachio, Pistachio! YUM!
    If I could create my own, it would be Nutella, Banana ice cream, and walnuts or pecans. I have no idea what I would call it.
    and just incase: baby1712001@yahoo.com

  31. i'm lurker most of the time. and boo for not being in the top 25.

    however, i am going to the state fair next week for some chocolate covered bacon affectionately called "pigs in the mud".

    i never would have even thought about trying this if i had not read your blog :)

  32. Okay, I'm not going to get any yumminess, but if you talk to the Ben and Jerry's people again can you tell them that I want my Chocolate Cherry Garcia back? In frozen yogurt form if they're willing. I miss it. Americone Dream is yummy, but it doesn't come in yogurt form and I feel bad about myself when I eat it.

  33. Dang it! Who the heck are all these lurkers?? Next time, you should let your old friends / faithful commenters in on this yummy offer [wink wink].

  34. Man, the lurkers are out in full force!!

    I enjoy the fudge brownie. It's barely ice cream, there's so much brownie in there. I think I'm too late, but just in case:

  35. I dont think I made it, but just in case--- smcrye@gmail.com and brownie batter is my favorite!

  36. no contest--phish food. we are ice cream soul mates. willikat 203 at yahoo dot com.

  37. Too late, but wanted to say "hey."


  38. I am DYING at how many lurkers you have! I completely agree with winnie, although I don't discriminiate and will eat any B&Js. I had cinammon bun-something-or-other recently and it was tasty.

  39. I'm a lurker but i commented once.

    LOVE your blog.....my daily read for the day.

    My fave flavor is chocolate brownie....*DROOL*

    Funny how all the lurkers come out when you say FREE and ICE CREAM in the same sentence huh??....LOL

    my email: erikam76@yahoo.com

  40. I follow you all the time but have never comment.
    Fav: Cherry Garcia or Mint Chocolate cookies.

    E-mail patricia.donohue@yahoo.com but I don't think I was fast enough :-)

  41. ha. yay for lots of comments. i'm a chunky monkey girl myself.


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