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Saturday, August 8, 2009

finally finishing last weekend's recap

last sunday was a churchgoing FAIL. we got ready and headed over there only to find not a single parking space within a mile radius around the place. fifteen minutes later, we finally found one and scurried to the entrance, only to learn that it was stuffed to the gills, with only two seats up in the balcony left. and they weren't together. meh.

slightly pouty, we took a walk down the street and grabbed breakfast, which the bean spent sleeping in the hub's arms. food makes everything better, as always.

we decided to take a drive up into the mountains, to lake arrowhead, and brought the ILs along to get them out of the house. and we were so glad we went, because it was a full 20 degrees cooler up there. such a gorgeous day!

we strolled through the village, checking out the sights.

the bean is like a magnet to playgrounds these days. "whee!" she'll shout as she points to the slides and swings.

there were lots of these critters around. folks were sitting on the ground, feeding the squirrels as they came right up to them and damn near sat on their laps. ew. maybe they were up to date on their rabies shots.

as we continued our stroll, we thought this mama duck and her baby ducks were just too cute. they were practicing their diving techniques right underneath the folks who were tossing their $1 bags of duck food at 'em. of course, they had lots of competition.

the bean was fascinated. i peeked down below us and spied these big fat ducks just chillin' in the shade and probably talking shit about the other sucker ducks in the water, chasing down that food.

italian restaurant...and sushi bar?

this sign is always a welcome sight, especially knowing there's a coach outlet and a rocky mountain chocolate factory looming nearby.

inside the toy store, as the bean discovered thomas the train:

i was super amused when i spied this out of the corner of my eye.

i cracked it open to see what kind of life-changing lessons were fit to teach budding goddesses. check it:

awesome, yes? hell, if that's all it takes, i'm a super duper goddess.

after grabbing a snack and a beverage at the tea room, we hopped back in the car and headed down to drive around the lake before making our way back down the mountain. by then, it was dinnertime, so we met up with brother wan and headed here:

solid, reliable, tasty italian eats. the hub and i split an italian sub and antipasto salad, while the bean dug into a little bowl of plain shell pasta and dipped it in a dish of marinara sauce. it was fun to watch her eat it, despite the fact that she got it all over herself, of course.

and by the time we got home, it had cooled off nicely, the bean was out cold, and mollydog was happy to see us come through the door. 'twas a lovely weekend indeed.

yay, the weekend recap is finally done, and it's almost a full week later! plus, i've got one hellacious weekend coming up. oh, boy - you're going to love it. well, at least, you'll love making fun of me for it. here's a hint. or two.



  1. I can't believe you are going to back-to-back jo bros. concerts.

    again. what is this, the 25th time? ;)

  2. What kind of church fills up to the full capacity on a non-holiday Sunday? Wow. I dig this book . . . I may need one for myself so I can become a goddess too ;-)

  3. We used to go to arrowhead for the same cool down reason - now we hit up idyllwild.

  4. It's so cute up there. Jim and I really need to do afternoon of it one of these days.


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