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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

all signs point to...apples

we capped off birthday princess weekend with a nice drive up to oak glen, a little town up in the hills known for its apple orchards. so yeah, i'm no fruit fan, but i was happy to get out of the house and head out somewhere i'd never been before.

it really wasn't as far away as i'd thought it was - only took us about 45ish minutes before we got off the freeway and passed this sign.

and then these.

we snickered at this one.

briefly considered stopping here:

but drove up just a little further to this:

these folks sure love their signs.

these promised all sorts of good eats ahead.

this is one ugly ass motorcycle. sorry if you're a fan.

more signs. i told you these folks were big into 'em.

i found this amusing, considering the scary "bear" that it warned us about:

the pony ride had lots of rules to follow...but no ponies in sight.

crazy lady with a bird on her shoulder. she strolled around all nonchalant-like with this thing.

i cracked up when i realized that what sounded like a live band was, in fact, one dude and a karaoke machine.

apple pastries galore.

this dude was parked in a spot near the entrance, selling $3 tickets to the petting zoo.

that's all, folks.

according to the area's website, this place serves up the best apple pie in town, so we walked down the street to check it out.

the bean was in a daze, murmuring "ice cream" over and over again.

and there was no shortage of the stuff. not really wanting pie, i went with the apple nut bread, served with ice cream and cinnamon sauce. reeeeeeeeally good.

the others went for it, though. even the hub, despite his strict no-carbs diet, indulged in the stuff. everyone agreed that the reputation was well deserved, as there were plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" all around.

on our way back up to the village, we stopped at the shop's apple stand.

this guy, for some reason, really wanted to be in my pictures. heh.

the bean got her very own mini apple, which she inspected carefully and then handed back to the hub.

the end.


  1. That looks like fun :)
    Yesterday somebody told me that Honey crisp is the best apple for baking...I'll have to try and see if it really is!

  2. Why snicker at that sign? Speeding does kill bears! It's really sad! :(

  3. What fun! Mmm that apple nut bread w/ ice cream looks yummy.

  4. I'm with the bean. I'd hand the apple right back.

  5. My birthday is this month too (the 29th) and this is exactly what my husband and I had planned! :) We are going up there this weekend, and will most likely go to Riley's Farms and pick some apples. Did your family try the Arkansas Black apples? They are really good!

  6. Apple orchards are the things I miss most about Michigan.

    Did they have any cider donuts? If the answer is yes, I will be leaving tonight.

  7. 1) Oak Glen is EXACTLY like Julian, but Julian doesn't have as many signs and apple season doesn't start till October 5. How funny.
    2) Did you actually pick apples? Or just grab bags? I'm a picker myself.

  8. we'll be heading up that way too soon, I can't wait, thanks for sharing photos of what i can look forward too.

  9. The pie looks heavenly.

    It's a shame there weren't more signs describing the place though.... ;)


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