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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a league of my own

confession: i always wanted to be a sorority girl.

yeah, yeah, i know. probably not much of a shocker to most of you. but with the path i'd chosen for myself all those years ago, the opportunity was never available to me. and so i employed my own twisted version of an old cliche - if you can't join 'em, just make fun of 'em. you know, kind of like a little boy who teases a little girl and yanks on her pigtails because he likes her? although of course, i never had any little boys who liked me. and i didn't have pigtails either, because my father was a barber who constantly chopped my hair into this godawful bowl cut that required zero maintenance.

whoa. talk about going off on a tangent. heh.

anyway, i was half-assedly listening to the radio last week when a commercial caught my attention. "the junior league of pasadena is holding open houses for new prospective members..." and then it went on to give their website.

i punched in the address, hit "enter," and perused the various pages. i read their mission statement, pored over the membership requirements and benefits, eyeballed the pictures of past events and various causes and volunteering opportunities. and i was intrigued. it was totally like a sorority! and i wasn't too old and crusty to be a part of it! i finally got my chance! [dancing a jig]

then i noticed the list of dates for their open house events - with one scheduled for that very evening. i dropped the hub a quick e-mail to see if he was going to be home early enough to come and hang out with the bean and the teen, and he was. yay! so i RSVP'd online, closed the window, and went on with my day.

i'd told the teen that it was up to her - she could either come with me and see what it was all about, because i'd love for her to be involved if possible, or she could chill at home with the hub and the bean. in the end, she chose to come with me, and the other two tagged along, dropping us off and heading off to parts unknown for the next hour-ish. the league's headquarters was in a cute little house in a quiet part of pasadena.

we walked inside, checked in at the desk, and took ourselves on a little tour of the first floor. when i saw the snacks and beverages, i knew this was my kinda crowd.

the teen was bored stiff, spending most of her time covertly text-messaging her friends while i mingled with the others, meeting current members and others who were there to learn about the group like i was. she smiled and introduced herself to everyone who came over, while shooting me "i'm gonna kill you, mom" looks as they turned away.

we all gathered in the main room, took seats, and listened to the presentation by the league's president and several committee chairs. i was totally inspired - this looks like a great group of women, friendly and cheerful, and the league has accomplished quite a lot in the community in the 80+ years it's been in existence.

we left as soon as it was over, although i eyed the group (and all those snacks, ha) wistfully as we exited the house. the hub and the bean were waiting for us across the street, and the first thing i saw when i got in the car was this:

sweet (pun intended)! the hub isn't a huge fan of cake, but he knows the teen and i love dot's. awwww, he's a keeper.

we stopped at pei wei to grab a quick dinner and then headed home to enjoy it. as soon as we got home, i busted that box open to check out what treats were in store for us:

two red velvet, a mint chocolate, and pumpkin. mmmmmm. it was a lovely way to end a fun evening.

well, fun for me, anyway. and yes, i'm totally going to join the league. i just hope i can find my pearls in time for my first meeting as a provisional member.

ooh, i wonder if i'll get a cute pin or learn a secret handshake or something. snaps for me!


  1. I'm curious to see what happens in the junior league. Hopefully it'll be blogworthy material. :)

  2. I am the Membership Vice President for the Junior League of Baltimore - Welcome to the Sisterhood!

  3. what jane said.

    and i had the opportunity to join a sorority (even become a charter member of one), but i didn't. and i still make fun of them, despite having quite a few friends who are part of the greek system and really enjoyed it. =X

  4. You said Snaps.. Diane would be so proud..

  5. I know nothing about the Junior League. Please inform us.

  6. I was going to say that you owe the teen big time for dragging you to that, but your awesome husband made up for it with the cupcakes. Now you owe him big time. lol

  7. That's awesome! Good for you! I joined a sorority in college - for just 1 year and then I dropped out. It wasn't for me, but I did enjoy the time I did spend in sorority. Can't wait to hear more about Junior League!

  8. Is Junior League related to JCL? I had a bunch of friends do that in high school and I got to go to their "debuts" where one girl had a designer flown in from France to design her dress. And this was obv before "My Super Sweet Sixteen."

    I did join a sorority in college, and while I didn't love the experience, all by one of my best friends was a sister of mine (and I think all of us are banned from the house - but that's a different story)

  9. ::snaps::

    You know I love this, seeing as how I'm still a card-carrying member of my sorority to this day. :)

  10. So glad you found us and came by -- must have been destiny one of our Open Houses was set for that very evening!
    I wasn't at the Open House -- with many back to school events...but I am the Fundraising Director and as a Provisional (first year Junior Leaguer) I know we will meet during the year.
    Byrnna (the Provisional Chair) is just amazing -- you are going to have a great year.
    BTW - I have been dragging my teen and pre-teen to the JLP HQ for the past 6 years...there are little candies on that front desk and the front room is usually empty for reading or videos.
    Alex Zucco

  11. When I was in HS, I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader. The sororities at my college were meh so I never bothered to join :-P Def. get your pearls ready! I think you're going to have a lot of fun.

  12. I went to some JL meeting around here and it reminded me EXACTLY of sorority.

    I said eff no. hopefully your experience is better. ;)

  13. I'm so excited you're doing this, too! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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