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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the bean's a showoff

the bean, as always, cracks me the hell up. she's super proud of herself whenever she performs and gets an excited reaction from her audience.

like when i say "hey, say 'fire truck'!" and she responds with "aaah, fuck!"

gets me every time.

or when she hears the clock go off every 30 minutes or an hour, points, and says "
cock!" the 8-year-old boy in me giggles his fool head off. even funnier when she puts the word "big" in front of it. tee hee.

and here's a more family-friendly, g-rated trick of late (if you have about 29 seconds to spare):

ah, i love it.


  1. hehe @ big cock.
    and ...awww....she sounds so freaken cute counting to 10. you must be one proud mama.

  2. I used to say fire fuck whenever I saw a fire truck. :)

    <3 the video! The Bean is adorable!

  3. omg, too funny!

    love the video. it's so much fun when they start counting.

    i can't believe how long her hair is. i didn't notice until now.

  4. When I was little, I was a little parrot. With no teeth. So car rides usually involved me saying "sit, sit" everytime we went over a bump.

  5. Eeeeee she's just ridiculously adorable. I love the video.

    Ahem, and now you have GOT to post a video of her saying "fire truck" and "clock."

  6. LOVE the way she says "seven." Too freaking cute!!


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