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Friday, April 30, 2010

big package day

get yer mind outta the gutter. not *that* kind of "big package," fools!

i stopped by our mailbox to pick up a package that i'd been waiting anxiously for. and instead, i found myself the happy recipient of not just one, but FOUR boxes of fun.

i'd seen a great deal from amazon on - okay, you can totally make fun - the wii workout program by jenny mccarthy. instead of using the controllers that sometimes get in the way or bounce around annoyingly in your pocket, this one incorporates a camera that captures your movements and gives you tips on form and technique and stuff. i know it sounds super lame, but i'd read some pretty good reviews from satisfied customers.

and then i found an even better deal on a little kit for making "softie" toys that i'd first seen at paper source. in-store, it was the regular retail price of $25. but amazon had it on clearance for $9 - plus free shipping! score!

the second box was what i'd gone to the mailbox for in the first place. last week, while on a high from fun boys weekend in vegas, the hub had given me the green light to take advantage of saks fifth avenue's "friends and family" discount - 20%! - on the marc jacobs bag i'd been eyeing. i opened the box excitedly:

pushed the packing paper aside:

and squealed at the sight of my fantabulous bag.

but i was a bit alarmed at the sheer size of the thing. i put it on, checked it out, and...

um, it looks like a freaking bookbag on me. and the hub snickered. "you could put the bean IN that bag and still have room for diapers and a couple of changes of clothes. or, hey! next time we go anywhere, you can pack your whole wardrobe in there." oy.

but he was right, dammit. and so i think i'm going to get the last laugh and drag his ass down to newport beach this weekend so i can take it back to saks and exchange it for a different bag. too bad, though, for that 20% off. poo. but still - YAY for new handbag!

i'd also taken advantage of sephora's 15%-off friends and family discount and ordered a couple of necessities that never go on sale. nothing exciting, but i also got some freebie samples that look fun.

lastly, the fourth box yielded a slew of super fantastic new samples for my little stella & dot business. we stylists have anxiously been awaiting the release of the brand-new, super adorable little girls' line, and i'd even gotten up stupid early last friday to place my order. i was anticipating a lot of interest from every s&d stylist around, and i wanted to make sure i got my sample order in before a good chunk of the west coast. that early morning paid off, because i noticed lots of "temporarily backordered"-type messages from home office. not for me!\

look at the sweet, girly packaging of this stuff! and if you want to get a look-see at the whole line, check it out on my site.

i'd also met up with my friend lilcee to discuss invitations for her baby girl's first birthday party, and as always, she had a present for me. look at my new wallet (and these cute little bags that i'll probably never use because i don't want to ruin the cuteness)!

and this came on a different day, but i'm sharing it anyway because it goes with the "fun deliveries" theme. twitter had alerted me of a fun new snack - pretzel m&ms! and they were giving away a limited number of samples. well, you know me - i can never pass up a freebie. i entered my address and clicked on "submit" and forgot all about it.

of course, i saw the treats at the store the other day, picked up a bag, snarfed it down in the blink of an eye, and fell in love. they're really delicious! and a great cure for a crampy day, if you get my drift. i wanted more, visited two separate stores to get my fix, and was dejected to leave empty-handed. but then we hit up the mailbox, and the teen grinned when she pulled this out:

cute, right? and inside the box:

a full-size bag of crunchy, sweet/salty nuggets of happiness! i was so ridiculously happy, the teen didn't even roll her eyes at me and just laughed at my giddiness.

it's the little things, people.


  1. you got more packages in this post than I do in a whole year!

  2. what jane said. and those m&m's look delicious.

  3. Great idea on how you used the Sephora discount, I'll have to remember that next time. I got my M&M sample this week too but it didnt come in that fun packaging you got!

  4. i saw new coconut m&ms at costco today, i know coconut is not for everyone, but i think they sound delish. i will have to look for the pretzel variety. have a fun weekend.

  5. What Jane said. I think the last time I got that many packages was from my wedding.

  6. * Pretzel m&ms?! I need those like now!
    * That 15% FF discount was gold. I was out of several LM basics and I was so happy that I had procrastinated as long as I did to replace them. Like you said, that ish never goes on sale. :)
    * I love the color of the purse, but I think he's right, it's a little big for you. Hope you're able to exchange it for something else that is fabulous.

  7. yum, pretzels and chocolate! Why did they not think of that sooner?

    Bag - not so much, post what you got instead, please.

    Going to have to order me some of that jewelry pretty soon...I forsee me being your best customer...it's like Avon all over again!

  8. Do those Bliss ingrown eliminating pads work super well? They seem so overpriced.

  9. Ditto Feminist Gold Digger. PLEASE let me know about those ingrown eliminating pads. Or you know, send them to me to try out for you. :-)


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