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Friday, April 9, 2010

gleek in training

the bean is such a crackup these days. she's got an ever-expanding vocabulary, although there are some words she has a little trouble with. like, for "ballerina," she says "ballen-weedie." and when she wants to get in an elevator, it's an "alligator." haha!

but then there are times like yesterday, when she was asking for something and we said "are you sure?" she responded with "positive!" i don't even know where she learned that one.

and she loves music. until just recently, she was pretty much obsessed with lady gaga. we'd get in the car and she'd ask sweetly "romance? pweese?" and when the song came on, she'd literally gasp out loud, breathe "thaaaaaank you!" and start singing along. pretty awesome, even though i wasn't much of a gaga fan.

these days, she digs glee. oh, yes. the teen got the first season on DVD for easter, so we had a glee marathon last weekend. plus, we've had both soundtrack CDs for a few weeks, so we listen to the music in the car. and the bean has inexplicably fallen in love with rachel's performance from the sectionals episode of "don't rain on my parade."

while out at lunch a few days ago, she was listening to her favorite song on my iPhone. and then she started doing something i'd not seen before - making those usually silly-looking faces that people do when they're belting one out (this is great until the last ten seconds or so, but i don't have the time or patience to edit the clip):

my kid is such a ham.


  1. Love her little face. Did you watch the cast of Glee on Oprah Wednesday? Made me love them even more.

  2. It won't be long now until she's performing at every family event...I should know...I've been there.

  3. OMG that was awesome. Totally made my day.

  4. That.. was... precious. Soo effing cute.

  5. OMG that was too cute. Where did she even learn that from? American Idol?

  6. Going to see Glee on May 29th at Radio City Music Hall! It's nice that the Bean and I share the same taste! LOL!

  7. The bean has excellent taste - Don't Rain on My Parade is one of my favorite songs from the first half of the season.


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