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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter egg-stravaganza

as soon as the teen and i arrived at the grandparents' after our jonas easter extravaganza, it was time to eat. this year, the ILs bucked tradition somewhat and put together a fun taco bar, with different meats and homemade rice and beans and all the toppings you can imagine.

and for the hub, who is quite traditional and wouldn't hear of anything else, there was still the ever-popular easter ham. i have to admit that i indulged in the porky stuff myself, because like him, for me, easter = ham.

the bean was excited to see me and her sister walk in, and came right over to report her current potty status, as she'd just gotten off the pot. she's getting a lot better at letting us know when she has to go, but often still has trouble remembering to tell us before she's already done the deed.

do you love that little dress? makes her look like a wedding cake. her lola bought it for her ages ago (like, around christmas time), but we hadn't had a reason to get dressed up until now. and it's perfectly pink for easter!

as we ate, the teen had a little fun with the bean's basket for the upcoming egg hunt.

having finished before everyone else, as usual, the bean played peek-a-boo in the draperies.

after we'd all had some time to digest, it was time to go hunting for plastic eggs.

"aaah, it's about time. i've been waiting forever!"

it was fun to watch her run around, scooping up brightly colored eggs.

the loot, which she promptly took inside to crack open:

of course, her sister was only too happy to help her out. and then she brought over some of the goodies to me for safekeeping.

as always, both girls had easter baskets full of fun stuff to open and plow through.

we all trooped outside to watch them play with the bubble sets and bouncy balls they'd received.

it wasn't till that evening that it occurred to me that we'd neglected to take her to see the easter bunny this year. oops.

well, there's always next year!


  1. sooo cute! hey I saw your pic in the nest magazine, you and your hubby look so adorable. great pic!

  2. The hubs has never had ham for Easter, which is weird, because I thought that was THE Easter meal. So I made sure to have ham and eggs when we went out for Easter brunch!

  3. Yum -- I love Easter ham, too!

    Happy Belated Easter!

  4. That is one kickass Easter dress the bean is wearing. :)


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