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Thursday, April 1, 2010

everything's better when it's pink

when the teen was little, i had her in a gymnastics class. it was great fun, and she was adorable in her little leotard, jumping around and having a great time. unfortunately, when her dad and i split up, i wasn't able to afford any extracurriculars and he wasn't willing to take her, so that was the end of that. bummer.

i've always regretted not being able to put her in stuff like soccer or ballet or music lessons. and now that she's older, she has almost zero interest in most of it. we still want her to get involved in something during high school, though, so she's going to be trying a few things out in the coming months.

as for the bean, i'm going to put her little butt in errrrrythang. she's going to try it all - sports, music, girl scouts, karate, you name it. it's going to be fun. we're going to have one of those big ass bulletin boards with a color-coded schedule on it and running somewhere all the time. haha! okay, maybe not. i don't think i have the energy for that. but i'd like to have her in at least two activities year-round. that's not bad, right?

so during a recent trip to sport chalet, we were just browsing around, checking things out.

and then we came upon this:

how cute is that? she was drawn to it immediately and plucked out one of the little clubs to play with.

she trotted over to the makeshift putting green and tried her best to hit the ball into the hole. well, she was trying her best to hit the ball, period.

maybe she's hit upon a fun "daddy and me" activity!

"hit upon." hee, i made a funny.


  1. Junior golf clubs are the cutest thing ever - especially when the outfit coordinates to their color!

  2. Cute!! That will definitely help her in her professional life later on. ;)

    I'm totally one of those "activity" moms too. I want little D to try everything, and I want the bulletin board!! I think it would last about a month before I'd crap out though.

  3. Totally fun for a "daddy and me" activity! That's how I learned to play, and it's still something my Dad and I do all that time. :)

  4. so cute! everything is better in pink! how cute would the bean and daddy be playing golf together?!

  5. Pink DOES make everything better! You HAVE to get a video if/when she does play golf with daddy. It would be the cutest thing ever.

  6. Jim has been dangling pink clubs in front of me supposedly to entire me to take up golf so we can go out together. I told him that I'm perfectly happy with my pink sewing machine thankyouverymuch and don't have any interest in golf. Oops. ;)


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