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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crepe-in' around

i can't even remember if i've made pizza dough from scratch before. i typically just buy the premade dough at fresh & easy and go from there. but you know me - i'm all about doing stuff from scratch as much as possible these days. and so i found a fairly easy recipe online, mixed it up, and ended up with this happy little mound:

it was a hub-less dinner, so i let the teen pick the toppings to go with my leftover marinara sauce.

looks pretty good, yes?

it baked up all nice and gooey in our little oven (as usual, i'd halved the recipe).

last year, i got a wild hair up my ass to try making homemade crepes. i think it was around the time of experimenting with copycat IHOP german pancakes. plus, i have fond memories of watching my mom make yummy crepes when i was little using a cool little one-use-wonder kitchen tool, made especially for cooking up light, thin crepes. and so i turned to my friend amazon and found a great deal on a crepe maker of my very own - only $20, with free shipping. yay!

and then it arrived, i shoved it into a closet, and promptly forgot all about it. well, sort of. i always knew it was there, but i was just that lazy. heh. but then after last week's trip to the americana and snacking on a simple crepe smeared with nutella for $6, i decided it was time to bust it out.

i found a recipe i'd bookmarked ages ago for the crepe batter, gave it a spin in my "food processor," and stuck it in the fridge to let the flour get all coagulated and stuff. an hour-ish later, i poured it out into a shallow plate and fired up the crepe maker.

when it was ready, i carefully dipped it into the plate of batter.

so easy! and it cooked up in a matter of minutes.

obviously, i need practice. and maybe a thicker batter. they may not look pretty, but they sure did taste yummy.

and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than $6. hmph.


  1. these look absolutely delicious! may have to find my own $20 crepe maker just so i can try them. :)

  2. Ooooooooh! I LOVE crepes! I never knew they sold crepe makers. Now I really want one. Eeeeee. This is perfect.

  3. i have made crepes just in a pan before. i suck at pouring in the right amount of batter but have watched others make beautiful ones in a plain pan (ok, the teachers of the cooking class i was taking...ha).

  4. The pizza looks yummy! I like the teen's choice of toppings, too.

    I want a nutella crepe so bad. I think yours look fantastic!

  5. BIG fan of the Teen's choice of toppings! I admire you making your own dough but for TJ's $1.69 premade kind, I just can't justify making me own. And PS, nutella crepes NOM.


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