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Friday, April 23, 2010

saving the planet, one bag at a time

woohoo! i love how all my readers come out to play for a giveaway. i gotta do those more often, heh. and you've still got till sunday at noon to enter, if you haven't already!

and yes, my lazy ass found a way to not have to count the comments - again, my friend google saved me and showed me how to number them. now all i have to do is plug in the range of numbers into random.org and i'm good to go!

there are some great tips in there. thank you all! and in honor of the occasion, i busted out some leftover fabric scraps and read through this tutorial to make a reusable lunch tote for the teen. no more paper bags for us!

it was really easy to do, and without the stops and starts that inevitably pepper my sewing time, i'd say this thing can be whipped up in about 15 minutes. easy peasy, lemon squeezy. and look at how cute it is!

if only the dress i made for the teen with that fabric were as easy to complete. no, i still haven't finished it - it still needs hemming and i still need to figure out how on earth i'm going to alter the entire bodice to fit her. crap.

and i leave you with a funny picture of the bean cuddling the mollydog after they've both gotten bubble baths. separately, of course.

you know, we're fairly certain that mollydog is a girl, but she has a weird weiner-looking thing in her groinal area. maybe she's a hermaphrodite! huh.


  1. Cute lunch bag! I keep looking for reusable sandwich bags on etsy that are lined. I hate having to use the plastic ones.

  2. We have a mollydog too. Cute pic of her and the bean.

  3. adorable lunch bag! i LOVE the fabric.

  4. cute lunch bag! and very cute pic of bean + molly!

  5. I've always thought I wouldn't be able to make enough use out of a sewing machine, but you're totally proving me wrong. I really dig the lunch bag! Very stylish. The picture of Molly and the Bean is so cute.

  6. Cute lunch bag! My friend's craft blog has directions for an easy sandwich wrap (http://radlinccrafts.blogspot.com/2010/03/reusable-sandwich-wrap-2.html)- if you have any extra material, you could make one to match the bag! (It's quick and easy- I used it today to teach my 9 yo son how to use the sewing machine and he was able to make it pretty much all on his own).

  7. i love that bean and molly are about the same length.

  8. This sewing hobby of yours is really proving to come in handy! Cute!


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