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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


one of my friends hit me up recently to do a dozen cookies for a birthday celebration at disneyland. she wanted them to look like princess dresses, and i was excited to give it a shot.

mixing the icing is usually my least favorite part of making custom cookies, but i love disney so hard that it was actually fun this time. check it out:

can you guess who these colors were for?

here's a hint: she has seven little friends. 

how about this combo?

she just needs a pair of glass slippers and she's all set. 

these turned into..

princess tiana, minus the frog. 

mixing this green was a challenge, but i think i did a decent job.

a few arrows with an edible ink pen and we have the bravest princess of them all, merida. 

pretty pink and white:

ended up as aurora, the sleeping beauty.

last but not least, a beauty named belle.

look, this ninja got its ass kicked by a buncha girls.

it sounds silly, but i was really attached to this set of cookies. i was pretty proud of how they turned out, and it was kind of hard to let them go. but i really hope the birthday girl enjoyed them as much as i loved making them. 


  1. Awww, they're so cute. Can you make (all of ) my gingerbread cookies a la P Tiana too?

  2. These are my fav cookies you've ever done!

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  4. Long time reader.... First time commenter. My family and I just got annual passes to Disneyland. You seem to be an expert... Can you share any tricks or trade secrets for me? :) Thank you!!!


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