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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a year in pictures

2013 was so stinking full of goodness, you guys.  seriously, it's so hard to pick out stuff to highlight - the whole damn year was just so great.  so be warned: as with every other annual recap, this is gonna be a long ass post.  come take a walk down memory lane with me, will ya?

first of all, the teen went to prom.  and became a legal adult.  and then graduated from high school.  mah baby! 

not to be outdone, the bean had some milestones too.  first piano recital:

played an oompa loompa in her very first play:

became a soccer superstar:

as for me, the running thing hasn't gotten old yet.  i did a ton of races this year, but here's a few of my favorites:

the hub celebrated the grand opening of a dream come true:

i got hooked on tutorials for little girl hairstyles.

 and then the bean decided to chop off 9" to donate it to "sick kids who don't have any hair."

there was our epic european vacation - so hard to sum up in a few photos:

2013 was also the year we managed to hit up disney parks in california, florida, and paris.  i tried to talk the hub into a last-minute tokyo trip to get a fourth one in, but he wasn't having it.  hmph.

a handful of familiar faces were lucky enough to meet me this year:

some of my favorite cookies from this year:

we were in texas twice this year.  once on a super short layover on the way back from orlando, and then again for easter.

pinteractivity was nonstop throughout the year.

and there were lots of playdates for both me and the bean.

there were lots of shows and concerts this year, too.  i got to attend my very first taping of "american idol" - and then went two more times.

then a group of us joined a bazillion excited 90s teenyboppers for "the package tour" - boyz II men, 98 degrees, and the new kids.

the screaming continued with the "legends of the summer" tour - my man justin timberlake and jay-z.

the girls and i attended a taping for the "show your strength" telethon, featuring a performance by that other boyband - the backstreet boys.

not too long after that, the teen and i attended what turned out to be the jonas brothers' very last concert.

the hub and i carved out a date night to see t-swizzle live.

my last concert of the year?  ke$ha, of course.

we celebrated wan-niversary 8.0.

oh, and i finally conquered a fear i've been fighting off for a couple of years now - the oral surgeon.  how could i leave out the most awesome picture of the entire year?  bye bye, wisdom teeth.

there's seriously SO much more i could add to this, but then it would turn into the neverending post.  i think you get the gist of it, though - 2013 was one hell of a kick ass year, and i'm excited to see what 2014 holds for us.

you can't wait, either.  i know.  happy new year!


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