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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

any excuse to celebrate

one of my favorite nights of every year is the one we spend driving down to la jolla so we can have dinner at the very spot where the hub proposed to me.

it was extra special because we had both girls with us this year. 

we were a little surprised to see that a lot of renovations had taken place at the restaurant in the last year. the cozy corner where we'd celebrated our engagement with our families looked completely different, which was a little sad. but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. after all, the food and the service was still as good as we remembered. 

it was a busy night, and while we didn't get lucky with a window seat we still managed to get a decent view of the ocean from our table.

starters: seafood tower and brussels sprouts with bacon and candied walnuts.  so stinking delicious. 


the hub's wine sampler. 

entrees: jidori free range chicken breast, surf & turf, and roasted ahi. 

the bean opted for a cheeseburger from the kids' menu, and then agonized over the dessert list. 

little did she know that dessert had been decided long ago - their famous "hula pie." they brought us fun sporks to eat it with. 

we demolished that sucker in record time. 

happy wanengagementaversary 9.0 to us!

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