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Friday, January 3, 2014

mac & cheese, mother moo & a minion

the ILs headed back home after a whirlwind holiday week that came and went all too quickly.  seemed like they'd just gotten here and then poof! - it was already time to say goodbye and get them to the airport.  sad.

to soften the blow for the bean, who'd been glued to their side the entire time they were home, i managed to schedule a fun GTG with some of our favorite friends.  the last time we got these guys all together was almost exactly a year ago, which is really hard to believe:

this time, we met up at one of our favorite restaurants - la grande orange.

we also remembered to get a moms' group shot this time.

while we waited for our food, the kids had a blast playing with sets of colored wax sticks.  "look, mom, i made a puppy!" and amazingly enough, it actually looked like one.  sorta.  if you really use your imagination.  right?

the teen opted for a cheeseburger, which was served on the prettiest, shiniest bun known to man.

crab cakes benedict.  this was heaven in my mouth.

look at this perfection!  oh man, i want more.

after devouring their kids' meals, the bean and mini DG got comfy watching something on someone's iPhone.  i die a little at how cute they are together.

because we weren't quite ready to say goodbye just yet, we decided to move the party a little east, to mother moo creamery in sierra madre.  i'd seen dailygluttony post pictures of this place before, so i was excited to finally give it a shot.

i love all of the cute retro decor inside.

the bean decided she wanted to have some of their seasonal peppermint cookies & cream, topped with some housemade marshmallows.

as for me, one look at the "salty butter caramel" flavor on the menu and i was sold.  scooped into a freshly made waffle cone, too?  YES.

after we'd stuffed ourselves with all that deliciousness, we walked back to the cars together.  the kids are really good at following the #1 rule of crossing the street: "hold onto someone!"

and then because mini cee was either playing shy or bummed because the playdate was coming to an end, lilcee got stuck in the middle of the kids' group hug.

we love our friends!

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