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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

it's breakfast AND an air freshener!

the bean woke up one morning with a mad craving for cinnamon rolls, and i was more than happy to oblige.

except that i didn't have any of the quickie ones in a tube, nor did i feel like breaking out the flour and yeast and having to work on it for a couple of hours.  i mean, hey - my kid was hungry right THEN.

so i perused the contents of my fridge, and this is what i came up with:

i took a scoop of the cream cheese and mixed in a healthy dollop of that cinnamon sugar butter.  and just for good measure, i threw in a spoonful of sugar - because that makes everything better, right?  then i unrolled the dough and smeared it with some of the concoction.

after i'd rolled them all up and placed them on a cookie sheet, i decided to bust this stuff out to for a little something extra.

while they baked, i threw together a quick glaze with some powdered sugar, a little milk and a couple of drops of lemon juice.  because i wanted to make it pretty, i scraped it into a ziploc bag so i could drizzle the glaze evenly.

then the bean and i had some meaningful conversation about life while we waited out the last few minutes of baking time.

pretty, right?  and they made the kitchen smell fabulous.  bonus!

as i was putting these together, i thought for sure we'd end up with a couple left over.  after all, there were eight of the damn things, and i didn't' even know how they'd turn out.  but i should have known better - they were really tasty, and the hub gave them rave reviews.  guess i'll have to put these in the semi-regular rotation after all.


  1. I love that you just happened to have cinnamon sugar butter! I didn't even know that stuff existed. Is that a missing front tooth I see? I have been lurking/reading your blog since she was a baby and man, that makes me feel old. ♥

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yeah, I had to delete that because the same message posted twice! See how often I comment! Dork here!!

  3. Oh this looks easy enough for me.


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