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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

fix me

in case you were wondering, i do indeed still receive my monthly stitch fix boxes.  december's fix kinda got buried in all of the holiday hullaballoo, and to be perfectly honest, it was less than exciting anyway. i know i kept at least one item, but hell if i remember what it was.  heh.  what i do remember is that only four out of the five pieces actually made it to me, and after a little bit of back-and-forth with customer service i ended up sending three of them back.  now i'm going to have to scour my closet to jog my memory and remember what it was that i kept.  hmmm.  my memory's not as good as it used to be.  it sucks getting old, yo.

so when january's shipment arrived - #8, if anyone's counting - i was pretty excited when i yanked the flaps open, ripped the tissue off and found the first item.  while it doesn't look like much in this picture, trust me…it's a super cute knit motorcycle-ish jacket.  it's got a fun asymmetrical zipper and it looks really cute zipped halfway or all the way up.

i actually did like this top, but not $68 worth.

this little knit box-pleated skirt is in a great color and it was comfy and versatile-looking.  but it, too, was $68.  yikes.

the teen lobbied hard for this bag.  i did like the bright color and its crossbody style.

in the end, this dress was the dealbreaker.  with credits i'd earned and the styling fee credit, the whole box with the 25% off discount would have been a very reasonable $177.  but i knew the moment i laid eyes on it that this thing wouldn't make it into my closet.  like, ever.  ew.

see?  less than flattering, and absolutely zero redeeming qualities to it.  boo.

with these shipments, i find that it's almost an all-or-nothing deal.  the pieces are a little on the pricey side when purchased individually, so it's only really worth it if the whole box is good enough to keep to utilize that 25% discount.  because the $20 styling fee doesn't get rolled over into any sort of credit beyond the current fix, i either keep one piece of the whole thing.  this month was definitely a 1-piece deal.

i still love the concept, though.  and i've ended up with new items in my wardrobe that i really do wear a lot.  most of them aren't even things i'd have chosen during a shopping trip on my own, so i like how it makes me expand my fashion horizons a little.

on to #9!

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  1. So I just tried Blue Jean Bar Express...same concept as Stitch Fix and I had awesome luck on my first box. Plus it is only $1 to try it! I think you might love it ­čśä


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