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Friday, January 31, 2014

go team!

can you stand one more cookie post? i mean, i told you i was busy this week!

i was excited to tackle a request for super bowl-themed cookies. i'm not really a football fan at all, but if we're talking cookies, i'm all over it. 

although i was a little nervous about the denver broncos logo. i knew i could just make them in royal icing beforehand, though, like other cookies i've done before. and sure enough, once i got started on them, i was pleased with how they turned out. 

i iced simple round cookies with a contrasting outline, peeled one of the transfers carefully off of the wax paper, plopped it on, and added a little text:

the other two designs were even easier:

now all i need is for someone to ask for hockey cookies and i think i've got all of the major sports covered!

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