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Monday, February 10, 2014


have you been watching the olympics?

i usually catch at least the opening and closing ceremonies and then bits and pieces of the sports that interest me, and that's about it. this time around, i completely missed the opening ceremony. although my eyes are still bleeding from seeing pictures of those horrible sweaters team USA had to wear. what the hell? as if anyone needs reminding that ugly christmas sweaters are a thing here in good old 'murrica. sheesh. 

i did get to have a little fun in cookie form, though, thanks to a friend who wanted some for an olympics-themed party. and it was especially nice not to have to mix up too many different colors of icing:

taking a tip from my friend sweet sugarbelle, i used a couple of basic cutters to create medals. 

they didn't come out exactly as i'd hoped, but i think they were okay. it was fun getting to bust out the gold sparkle dust to paint on, anyway. 

then for the rest of the cookies, i really had fun. i kind of want to make more of these. 

okay, so they're not much more than stick figures. but still...cute, right?

just lie to me if you have to. 


  1. I adore those stick figures! Makes me wonder what other ones you could do (ballerinas, karate dudes, basketball players for team parties?). So cute!


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