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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

playdatin' like proper ladies

when my friend rocky suggested that we plan a playdate with our girls this past weekend, it took about two and a half seconds to say yes. she and mini rocky are among our most favorite people to hang out with, and after debating briefly between a paint-your-own-pottery place and having tea, the latter won by a landslide.

the bean even had something new and cute to wear. i'd just signed her up for fabkids, which is basically one of those monthly clothing subscription box deals. the first outfit was free (you know, "the hook") and then you can select a new ensemble every month at a discounted rate. i'm convinced that they need to hire her to model those outfits, because:

we'd selected a tea parlor that was really close to the house. like, i run past this place all the time. 

despite this fact, we still managed to arrive a few minutes late. rocky and her mini-me were already seated, and the girls wasted no time after being told that they could choose props to wear for our ladylike lunch. 

they are so stinking cute, man. 

after placing our orders, we sat back and chatted about everything and nothing while the girls just had fun being together. the bean soon tired of her tiara and exchanged it for some different headwear. 

and although she had the options of lemonade and fruit punch for her beverage, she chose a pot of vanilla almond tea to wash down her chocolate chip scone. 

she kills me. 

the kids' "princess tea" consisted of a flower-shaped PB&J (minus the J for the bean), a turkey and cheese sandwich, a piece of fairy toast (cinnamon swirled bread spread with cream cheese), a chocolate-covered strawberry, and a lemon wafer cookie. 

the grownups' version was slightly different. we had chicken salad croissants, turkey on dark wheat, and a "stacker" consisting of a spinach-artichoke sandwich topped with a pineapple concoction on hawaiian bread.

i mowed through my portion as slowly and delicately as i could bear, which doesn't say much. rocky was stuffed by the end of the meal, while i could've taken down at least one more plateful. ain't i such a lady? also, this is clearly why she is gorgeous and slim while i...well, i have to work at it. heh. 

happily, we still had one course left: dessert. while the girls opted for chocolate cake, rocky and i enjoyed the lemon. 

when i happily handed my phone to our server when she offered to take a picture of us, the camera-shy rocky was stuck. muahahahaha. 

one last treat came with the check. 

and this is where i tell you that i came right home and made myself a cup o'soup. i may have capped it off with a cookie. or two. 

psh, whatevs. barre classes await. 

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