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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

hitting the gym

our second birthday bash of the weekend was in familiar territory - the very same place where the bean takes her weekly gymnastics lesson.

the birthday girl's folks were hard at work making the somewhat drab party room look more like - well, a party. with a super cute mixture of handmade decorations and coordinating pieces from etsy, they managed to achieve their goal.

the teen sat down in the most perfect spot ever:

and i eyed this, wondering what deliciousness they were going to create with it. 

out on the main floor, the party guests were given a quick briefing of the equipment available to them and the basic rules they were expected to follow. the bean had been looking forward to being free to play and experiment on whatever struck her fancy, and she jumped right in. 

when we heard that parents, normally not allowed on the gym floor, were welcome to come and play in the foam pit and trampoline, our shoes were off and in we went.  didn't have to ask us twice.  finally got to try out all the fun the bean gets to have every week.

at the end of the free play hour, the kids all jumped back into the pit for some group photos. i was cracking up at the bean's antics as she goofed around with the rest of them. 

back in the party room, we finally saw (and smelled) what that grill was for. 

after the birthday song, everyone enjoyed cute mini cupcakes from susiecakes

as she opened presents, the birthday girl posed with each of her guests and thanked them with a hug. 

and now we get a break from birthday bashes...for at least one weekend. yay!

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