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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

silly goose

one of my friends asked me to help with favors for the party she was throwing for her two adorable girls. the invitation was super cute, with a theme revolving around princesses and birds.

she'd seen the princess cookies i'd made awhile ago and mentioned that some of those and some birds would work for their favors. i asked her to pick three different princesses, and she went with these:

and here's my best attempt at the birds. 

the party venue was a super cute little indoor playground down in the south bay. 

the entrance was adorned with this cute party sign.

the cookies were set up right in front. 

and the party area was beauitifully decorated. 

and then a real live princess showed up to help get the party going. 

i think my kid is fully spoiled by our regular visits to disneyland, because she had zero interest in hanging out with "cinderella."  instead, she entertained herself with all of the fun stuff to play in and on. also, you might've noticed that she wore her "elsa" running costume. the kids had been encouraged to dress as princesses and superheroes, and while she loves the elsa dress i concocted for her, its full-length skirt makes it rather hard to play in. i'm perfectly happy to see her get more use out of this ensemble, anyway. 

she was also extra thrilled to be reunited with her friend em, who was dressed as the anna to her elsa. love!

i just never get tired of seeing my kid with my own friends' offspring. so much fun!

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