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Thursday, February 13, 2014


i know you've been dying to know whether or not i've worked on any valentine cookies, right? well, wonder no more.

i had a request for a dozen that would be split between a brother and sister. with pink and purple as the color scheme for the first half, i did these:

yeah, i know that's more than half. i didn't love the first couple i did, so when that happens the recipient always gets a few bonus cookies. 

as for the other half, all i had to hear was "star wars" and i was off and running. i picked out the few characters that i thought might work best with heart shapes, and here's what i came up with. 

i tried adding a little shimmer to this one, but as i began painting it on the silver was far too shiny. i ended up tempering it a bit by painting on some black gel coloring and ended up with this. 

i don't love it, but it still looks kinda cool, I think. 

oh, and i also did a few angry birds. 

i've for a handful of fun designs coming up in the next few weeks, too. i love seeing what comes of the unique requests i get! it's so much fun, and reminds me why i got into cookie decorating in the first place. 

keep 'em coming, friends!

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  1. I want to order a dozen but problem is getting them to me! :)


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