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Friday, June 5, 2015

a giant playdate for all ages

facebook brings all sorts of fun stuff to my attention - races, parties, breaking news, local events.  that's why i just can't quit it.  and this time, it was something super fun that got me and my buddies lilcee and dailygluttony out with the kids - the great big family play day, sponsored by the socal moms.

we'd bought our tickets way ahead of time, opting for the VIP access that offered early entry and a free swag bag.  this got us into the event a full hour and a half before it was open to the general public, and from past experience, we've learned that early entry is always the way to go.

after we got checked in and received wristbands and handstamps, i took the kids to find our first activity while lilcee and DG headed back to the car to grab mini DG's car seat.  as part of our entry fee, we were entitled to a free car seat or stroller cleaning:

so while they stood in line, the kids did a little vegetable painting.  it was a little messy and a whole lot of fun.

across the way, i'd spied the yelp booth.  i knew this usually meant some sort of fun freebie, so we headed over to check it out.

sure enough, all we had to do was check into the event on the app and then we got to pick something from the table.  i opted for the foldable tote, which turned out to come in really handy for the rest of the day as i dropped flyers and toys and swag into it from every booth we visited.  sweet.

nothing attracts kids like a giant pool full of bubble solution and bubble wands.

with no line at this truck, we got in there to get some fun group photos done.

also as part of our entry fee, we'd been handed a bunch of tickets for use at various activities and rides throughout the park.  the kids were way too old for this slow-moving train ride, but they clambered on anyway.

this was a popular stop, too.

the zimmer children's museum had some fun activities and crafts at their booth.  here, the kids created a masterpiece that they then placed into the bottom of the wind tunnel and watched it float up to the top.

a photo with anna and elsa cost two tickets, so we passed.

the bean got her fitness on at a few different places:

and got her nails painted with non-toxic, edible organic nail polish.

there were free glitter tattoos:

and a fun game at the gummy vitamin booth.

a free cupcake, plus some sort of fancy water and then some raw milk to wash it down with:

while we moms jumped for joy at the coffee station.

subaru was the main sponsor of the event, and we got a glimpse into our future as the kids climbed in.  that wink, man.  she kills me.

the touch tank brought by the aquarium of the pacific was our last activity.

we stopped for one more photo op on the way out, too.

on our way to lunch in pasadena, we came across ciclavia, the bicycling event that had closed a stretch of colorado boulevard.

the girls introduced me to one of the new customizable poke bowl shops, and i'm addicted.  so is the bean, which is pretty awesome.  salmon, tuna, shrimp, seaweed salad?  YUM.

oh, and here's the swag in that VIP bag.  heh.

it was an awesome event, lots of fun, and totally worth the $11 per person entry fee.  can't wait for the next one!

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