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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

food, food and more food

for the short time we were in napa, we sure did a lot of eating.

just down the street from where we were staying we discovered this fun spot - the oxbow public market.

much like the grand central market in downtown l.a. and the anaheim packing district, there were a ton of vendors under the same roof, all offering different and fantastic-looking things to eat.

we went into this place to see if it worked for all of us:

and when it didn't, we decided to just pick whatever looked good from wherever we could find it and meet in one spot to enjoy it together.  the bean, the old lady and i ended up grabbing some sushi and poke bowls while the hub found a nice steak a few booths away.

of course, we had those huge macarons from bouchon too.

a recommendation from the hub's business partner, who's in napa often for business, we went here for dinner:

the old lady thought it was kind of cool to order cocktails from an iPad.

for our appetizers, we went with the prawn cocktail and a plate of beef carpaccio, which is now one of the old lady's most favorite things ever.

and because it's a steakhouse, we all had something that looked like this:

with some delicious truffled parmesan fries and grilled asparagus (which photograph terribly, but whatever, they were yummy).

and for dessert, bread pudding and brownie a la mode.

we practically had to be rolled out of there.  it's a good thing you walk so much while on vacation, because none of us were getting any other sort of exercise to burn off all these calories.

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