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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

winter break, part 2

so, the second half of winter break.  man, it sure went by super fast...but we had lots of fun!

oh, before i forget, i have to share this with you.  if you're like me and have had the same pair(s) of uggs for years and years and just keep wearing them even though they're all worn out and barely keep your feet warm and comfy anymore, you need these:

oh yes.  brand new insoles to replace your old tired ones.  they're a measly $15 per pair and let me tell you...they truly make those old ass uggs feel brand spanking new again.  so worth it.  go get some.  now.

i got to test out another of my christmas presents...something i'd forgotten i wanted and added to my list at the last minute - a regular ol' waffle maker.  sure, i have the hello kitty waffle maker, but it's not the same.  and when your husband flat out refuses to eat anything that comes out of there, well...

yup, i sure did try that facebook/pinterest famous trick of pressing cinnamon roll dough into the waffle maker.

it worked like a charm, by the way.  these were done in about 3 minutes and when drizzled with the glaze...so delicious.

one evening, we headed out to have dinner in old town monrovia (somewhere we hadn't been in ages) and capped off the evening with some ice cream and a game of jenga.  guess who blew it?  oh yeah.

the next morning, i decided to make waffles again, only this time i used a real recipe.  one that required separating the eggs and beating the whites till fluffy and folding them into the batter.

the bean couldn't decide if she wanted chocolate chips or bacon in hers, so she got both.  i decided this looked good, so i had one of these too.

we finally got to see rogue one, the newest installment in the star wars saga.  with friends, of course.

i decided it was time for a change and when i went in for my regular color touch-up with my stylist, i had her switch out the pink for some purple.  I LOVE IT.

and at xtend barre, i finally hit the next milestone...500 classes down, bitches.  with a t-shirt to prove it.

now, despite the fact that i'd given up starbucks (and it's lasted for quite a few weeks now, since early november!), when one of our local stores was chosen as one of the spots for their "10 days of cheer" promo, we went.  it was a free tall espresso-based drink between 1:00-2:00 in the afternoon, and i'm not one to pass up a freebie.  the old lady and i hopped in the car and just barely made it. sipping our comped drinks at 1:52.

now, while this was our new year's eve dinner:

i went all out for new year's day and made a ribeye roast with creamed corn, lawry's style - plus some brussels sprout salad and sautéed mushrooms.  so good.

not a bad way to kick off the new year, amirite?

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