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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

bonding with the old lady

the old lady and i headed down to anaheim on thursday to grab our bibs for the disneyland 5K, cruise around the expo, walk around the park a little and check into our hotel.  since a lot of schools are back in session, it was pretty quiet that afternoon as we parked and headed through the security checkpoint.

it took no time at all to catch the tram and get ourselves to the disneyland hotel.  this is pretty much old hat for us by now, but i was glad to see that they'd actually taken the time to add the fun graphic to the carpet this time around (since there was nothing for tink a couple of months ago).

we took a second to check out the course map for the run.

and then we headed over to grab our bibs.  the staffers at the expo are paid temp employees now instead of volunteers, which is a little sad.  the volunteers were always so cheerful and excited for us, and while the temps were friendly enough it wasn't quite the same.

then it was time to head back upstairs for the expo.

we stopped to check out the new balance booth, especially since they had a BOGO 50% off promo.  interesting.  the shoes must not be selling like hotcakes anymore.  here's this year's versions, themed after space mountain, alice in wonderland, toy story and the haunted mansion.

 t-shirt pick-up.

this caught my eye just off to the side - these adorable minnie-themed honda vans are being used as transportation at disney world in florida.  not sure why they're bothering to show them to us here since we don't get to ride in them, but they're very cute nonetheless.

we got in line to spin the wheel at the abc booth, but remembered last year when we landed on a show we knew nothing about and couldn't answer a single question and got right back out.  instead, we took advantage of the fun photo op for american idol, coming to abc in 2018:

then we were surprised again at the lack of line to get into the official merchandise area.  there's usually a crazy queue winding around outside the ballroom and even upstairs in a holding area, and this time we walked right in.

these are usually sold out pretty quickly, but there was a whole display of them just kicking it.  maybe it's because it was so early in the weekend.

i liked this medal display, but as the old lady reminded me - all of my medals wouldn't fit on here and none of them are pixar-themed, either. womp womp.

we decided we were over it and headed out to hit the park and grab some grub.  after all...

the old lady hadn't eaten anything all afternoon and was starving, so we stopped here and grabbed a fruity pebbles-flavored churro.

we stopped at the art gallery to ooh and aah over the fun stuff and checked out this cute little lineup of vinyl figures that represent all sorts of fun disneyland favorites.

i still can't believe they're closing build-a-bear in favor of opening new restaurants.  i realize they need more dining options, but this was probably one of the last things i would have expected to see disappear.

inside the park, we were serenaded by the dapper dans as we walked up main street.

and we spotted the biggest gathering of disneyland ducks we'd ever seen.

like her sister, the old lady loves the plaza inn.  and we were so flummoxed at the total emptiness of it, where in the past we've had to stand in line just to get inside.

mmm, more fried chicken!

we giggled at the sign that simply says "mountain" - the ride is closed as they work on placing the "ghost galaxy" overlay for the upcoming halloween season.

as we headed through fantasyland, we decided to ride the storybook land boats.  hadn't been here in forever.

the park closed at 9:00 that evening, and so we got back in the car and drove across the street to our hotel - the same one the bean and i had just checked out of days before.  the room was just down the hall from where we'd stayed too, and looked exactly the same.

and that was that.  we got our stuff for the next morning ready, hopped into bed and caught some shut-eye in preparation for an early morning.  after all, we knew that 3:45 alarm was going to come REAL fast.  eek.

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