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Friday, September 8, 2017

turning lemons into lemonade, or something like that

you know what sucks?  when your AC goes out in the middle of a heat wave.  even worse?  when it's the friday before a holiday weekend.

by the grace of god, we somehow managed to get someone to come out to take a look at our AC unit to see if it was something easily fixable.  but as luck would have it, a new motor was required to get it going again, and that was something that couldn't be obtained until the day after the holiday.  YARG.

the hub did some quick thinking, made a few phone calls and after dropping mollydog off at the doggie hotel for some R&R of her own, we packed up and headed down to to the beach.

the shorebreak is one of those super cool, super hip places where old people like me probably shouldn't be hanging out.  even just sitting in the lobby as the hub checked us in i felt like a fish out of water as impeccably dressed people strolled past.  even in beach attire these folks looked fab...and it turned out to be a pet-friendly hotel as we watched dogs of all shapes and sizes walk past.  the dogs looked more chic than me.  oh well.  the bean was excited as she ooh'ed and aah'ed over them all and sat in a fun fluffy chair.

our room was really nice - and cold, because they didn't have any AC problems.

the bean got all googly-eyed over the tray of snacks until i told her to check the price list.

the bathroom had one of those really cool no-curtain, no-door showers with two separate shower heads.  i may or may not have used them both at the same time at least once.

the tub got no love though.  i'm not a fan of sitting in bathwater anyway, but this tub looked like it would hurt with all those sharp corners.  heh.

the bean kept laughing at the artwork on the wall.  "mom, why did they paint her with her butt crack showing?"  why, indeed.

while we didn't get the full ocean view that the hub was promised over the phone, we could still see it from our balcony.

and right across the street i knew we'd end up grabbing breakfast at least once, because the bean and i love bruxie.

we decided to take a walk and see if we could find some dinner, and the bean found another fun chair to sit in as we waited for the elevator.

lots of fun stuff to do in the hotel, although the bean was a little bummed at the lack of a pool.  yeah, i know the ocean's right there...but i personally really hate sand.

pacific city was just a couple of blocks away, and there were lots of dining and shopping options there.  it took us all of maybe five minutes to get there on foot.

i was pretty excited when the hub suggested having dinner here, because i'd eyed this place the last time we came to pacific city a couple of months ago.  i think you can see why:

the menu had lots and lots of delicious-sounding things on it.

and loooooooook.

our server came by to introduce himself, take our drink order and drop off an iPad that we could use to place orders at our leisure if we didn't want to wait for him to come back.  plus, it offered pictures and more details on the menu items.  the bean had a blast clicking through it and placing our orders for us.

and while she doesn't like soda, she liked pouring it from the bottle into my glass of ice.  fanta grape, of course.

the cheesy biscuits with honey butter were okay.  nothing special, really.

we chose several flavors of bacon slices from the bar, and they were all delivered in their own individual bags.  the apple pie was the best, by the way.  so good.

the bean opted for some buttery noodles with grilled shrimp off of the kids' menu:

this was the "sprouts & snouts" - caramelized brussels sprouts, bacon lardons, butternut squash, a sunny side-up egg and honey-mustard vinaigrette.  really good.

and the hub went for the meatloaf - made with bacon of course, and topped with a really rich bleu cheese sauce.  it was delicious, and i don't even like meatloaf

and i can't resist burrata when it's on the menu.

we opted out of dessert because we were stuffed, and the bean was excited to get to sign off on the check using the iPad.  she even filled out the survey at the end.

back at the hotel, the bean got comfy in her bed while the hub went to meet up with a friend who lives right down the street.  as for me - well, i had work to do.  believe it or not, i'd packed up all the supplies for decorating four dozen cookies that i needed to deliver the next morning.  i'd never worked on cookies outside of my own kitchen before, so this was really funny to me.

but it must've been a good thing, because i was actually done faster than i would've at home.  must be that lovely beach air.

we should totally move to the beach!  yesssssssss.

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