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Friday, September 1, 2017

weekend musings

okay, so by the time you read this the old lady and i will most likely be done running this year's disneyland 5K.  the theme this year for the race weekend is pixar, with "the incredibles" being the focus for the 5K.  we thought long and hard about what sort of costume to wear, but there really aren't that many choices unless we want to be two more in what will likely be a sea of red incredibles outfits.

and because we were putting this together at pretty much the last minute, we opted for something that's a little obscure but still somewhat recognizable.  if you saw "monsters university," you'll remember these ladies:

it took a trip to party city, plus two basic pink tees and some heat transfer vinyl to get this done:

yup, those are some fuzzy leg warmers.  and yes, we're still in triple-digit temperatures right now.  but the race starts at 5am, and so we're hopeful that the temperature will be at least in the 70s at that early hour.  if not, you're going to find pink and purple fur laying in the street along the course somewhere between disneyland and california adventure.  heh.

also happening this weekend is the l.a. county fair, as i mentioned yesterday.  if you just happen to be heading out there for opening day and find yourself in the culinary competition display areas, see if you spot this year's cookie entry:

i really want that pink 4th place ribbon.  i'm thinking that i'm either not going to place at all, or if by some miracle i do manage to win anything it'll be 4th place.  at least i hope so.  i don't know.  and i'm not sure when i'll get in there myself to check it out.

like, i don't really care THAT much, but i care.  you know what i mean?

no, scratch that.  I REALLY CARE.  dang it, i hope i get to find out soon.

also...it's september 1st!  you know what that means...


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