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Friday, September 15, 2017

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

so i'm going to be 46 on monday.


that puts me solidly in my "mid-40s," and well on my way to the "late 40s."  which means i'm inching ever closer to 50.  as joey tribbiani would wail, "WHY GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US???"

okay, but really?  while the number itself is a little daunting and i notice the age spots increasing on my cheeks, i honestly really don't feel much different than i did in my mid-30s.  hell, my mid-20s even.  i've been more physically active in my 40s than i've ever been in my life, which i'm pretty sure helps a lot.

i still eat like a toddler though.  i had spaghetti-os for lunch one day last week (not a rare occurrence, mind you), stuffed two twinkies in my face just a couple of days ago, and for the love of god this is what's on my nails as i type this:

if you aren't familiar, that's pusheen the cat.  she's one of the bean's favorite characters these days, and while i was sitting in the nail salon browsing google for ideas i found that design.  it was pretty funny to watch her reaction when she noticed it.

oh, and we have another teenager in the house:

our girl mollydog turned 13 yesterday!  our old dog, we love her so.

it's going to be a fun weekend, and you know disneyland will be involved.  and of course, now that my birthday is here you know what that means...

only 101 days till christmas!

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