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Thursday, September 28, 2017

post-birthday week wrap-up

with all of the birthday princess hoopla over and done with for 2017, i somehow managed to get smacked in the face with my annual late-summer cold.  fun.  it started off with a sore throat and worked its way into a full-blown head cold that had me tired and miserable and cranky as hell.  and since i was right in the middle of the 20-in-30 class challenge at xtend barre, i was extra annoyed at the timing.  i'd been right on track to finish strong, but ended up having to skip a bunch of classes and it looks like i'll only get to hit 17 by the end of the month.  it's the first time i've not managed to complete a challenge since i started classes there four years ago, which really pisses me off.  ugh.

with the regular doses of emergen-C, dayquil, nyquil, sudafed and mucinex all failing to help me kick that cold's ass, i turned to starbucks and their secret menu "medicine ball" for help.  the barista who made it for me used two bags of mint tea, added a shot of peppermint syrup and a packet of honey, and along with the half water/half steamed lemonade (which sounds gross, i know, but it wasn't, i swear) it really did help me feel better.  the sore throat went away and it was comforting and soothing as i sipped on it.

and then i met up with a handful of mom friends from school for a fun friday morning brunch.  there were three of us who were celebrating september birthdays, and what better way to do just that than with a flight of mimosas?

our server also brought us each a stack of fluffy birthday pancakes, complete with a candle to make a wish on.

hopefully this will become an annual tradition for us.  it's always fun to hang out with these ladies.

the bean got to attend a fun pool party-slash-sleepover for her cousin.  they're just a week apart and it's fun to watch them get closer as they grow up.

with both girls gone for the night, the hub and i got to have a movie date night.  we saw "kingsman: the golden circle" and although i didn't really know what to expect, i thought it was really good.  and i mean...channing tatum. he helped me get over the fact that the shitty nachos that i love so much and always get at the movies aren't the same anymore.  they changed the crappy cheese sauce that was always the best part, and i'm so bummed:

on a happier note, i got my second-ever second place ribbon from the fair in the mail!

and the bean had picture day at school.  the old lady and i made a special trip to the mall so we could pick out an outfit for her to wear, and we were pretty stoked when she loved every bit of it:  dress, necklace, headband, socks, boots.  i confess that i totally posed her in this shot, but she looks just like a typical fashion blogger here, doesn't she??

she looks so much older here, though.  maybe let's just hold off on the growing up so dang fast, yeah?

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