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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

family fair fun

we had a pretty uneventful week - just all the usual stuff.  school, work, activities, cookies.  and then on sunday we decided to go back to the fair, and this time the hub came with us.  we managed to get there just as the fair was opening for the day, so it wasn't super crowded yet.  but it was already pretty warm, because of course the fair is always during the hottest time of the year.

since we hadn't had a chance to visit them the last time, we went over to check out the animals in the petting zoo.  or maybe that wasn't exactly a petting zoo...these animals didn't look like they'd be particularly open to being touched by hordes of small children and enthusiastic adults.

and it was feeding time for stanley the giraffe.

even in the shade we were baking, and so we headed over to the shopping buildings to suck up some AC and browse all of the vendors that we hadn't gotten to check out the last time.  i always love looking at this display of matryoshka dolls.  they're here every year.

and although this vibrating machine always looks completely ridiculous, i have to admit that standing on it for a few minutes always makes my tired legs feel a little better.  i'm not so sure about the weight loss aspect of it, but it's a quick (and free!) massage that i can't ever pass up.

the old lady hopped onto the one next to me, while her sister pouted because - well...

as we headed back out into the heat in search of some grub, we stopped in to look at my cookies again.  and because a few people asked about it, here are the other plates that placed in my division:

and these are the ones that took the top prize for "best in division."  if i remember correctly, this person gets a ribbon and a check for $25.

i never knew dole whip came in any other flavors besides pineapple.

we love visiting the budweiser clydesdales.  such beautiful animals.

over in the farm, the girls did a little corn grinding.  this stuff goes to feed the chickens.

 there were lots of chicks and quails who were newly hatched and about to be born.

and more farm animals to gaze at.

looks like afters has moved on from hello kitty to someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

while the hub and the bean stopped at the giant bbq stall to grab burgers and brisket sandwiches, the old lady and i decided to go back to chicken charlie's and grab some maui chicken and shrimp rice bowls served in pineapples.

and as we stood in the shade, we were entertained with a somewhat odd parade of service vehicles from the sheriffs, fire stations, the bomb squad, and even got to wave at smokey the bear.

the clydesdales came through too for their daily walk through the fairgrounds.

the bean snagged a bucket of fresh chocolate chip cookies on our way out.

and then we'd had enough of the heat.  i know there's still a lot of stuff we haven't gotten to see, but there's still time to go back.

no, l.a. county fair, thank YOU.

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