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Friday, October 6, 2017

getting ready for coming attractions

now that all of the birthdays in the house of wan are over for the year, it's been pretty quiet around here.  the ILs went back home on tuesday, and we've just been in the usual routine of cheer practices, math tutoring and prepping for our girl scout meeting tonight.  with the girls in the junior level now, we've given them a lot more responsibility for running the meetings and planning out what we're going to be doing for the year.  it's been a lot of fun watching them work together so far, and each girl is expected to volunteer to run at least one meeting.  they're to plan the activities, and whatever we do needs to either be geared towards earning a badge or doing some sort of community service.

the bean has been doing a great job with her new cheer team, learning new stunts and dances and while she wasn't too sure if she liked it in the beginning, it's definitely grown on her.  i got to watch them perform their routine for competition the other day, and it's pretty awesome.  the coach has jammed as many high-point stunts as she possibly can in there, and along with the professional choreographer they hired, that routine is impressive as hell.  not everyone has tumbling skills on the team, but they really take advantage of the ones who do.  they've done a lot of team bonding activities and are a pretty tight-knit group of girls.  watching them practice, the confidence that the bean has gained is visible.  i'm going to need tissue when i watch them perform at competition.

speaking of tearing up, we got the bean's costume for her performance at next week's school talent show.  and these are tears of a different kind, because - well, look:

oh yes.  that is a full-on elvis costume, and she's got the gold glasses and that elvis snarl all ready to go.  she's been practicing that ukulele nonstop, and i cannot wait for the show.

less than a week to go!  oh boy.

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