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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

closing out season 1

the bean's first season with one dream cheer is winding down to a close.  the last two practices are this week, with their final competition on sunday and the semi-formal banquet at the local country club happening next week.  and while she'd said she wanted to take a break, she started to waffle once she got a taste of victory at nationals in vegas in january.

while i generally feel like cheer kind of sucked the life out of us - mandatory practices, few breaks during holidays, driving down to the gym twice a week and finding ways to kill time because it doesn't make sense to go all the way home only to turn around and come back to pick her up - the hub and i both agreed that this experience is really good for her.  it keeps her active, builds her strength, teaches her the value of being part of and working with a team.  she's learned how to deal with criticism and tough coaches (something she had no experience in because all of her other extracurriculars were usually led by super nurturing, extra sweet and gentle instructors), and finally understands that while there is yelling going on, it's not necessarily done out of anger and not always directed at her.  heh.

the coaches held a showcase and an introductory meeting for families looking to join the team for season 2 this weekend.  the girls were asked to come fully dressed in their uniforms with hair and makeup, and they were to perform their competition routine for the audience before the coaches dove into the details of registration.

my friend, one of the team moms, asked me to do cookies - and while it was kind of last-minute, i obliged.

the girls' hair was to be half up with loose curls, so while the bean sat there watching youtube videos i got to work using her sister's fancy curling iron.  so pretty!

and of course, i had to get at least one selfie when we got there.

sitting off to the side instead of right in the front, i got to watch their routine from a different angle.  it was kind of cool because i actually got to watch what my kid does throughout the whole 2:30.

for season 2, there are a few changes - different competitions, new uniforms, letterman jackets.  it's all going to be bigger and better than season 1, and i'm really looking forward to watching the bean learn more and improve her skills.  i so love watching her perform, and she seems to really enjoy it.

cheer mom life continues!

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