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Friday, February 23, 2018

love is the answer

so...valentine's day.  although the afternoon brought the terrible news of the mass shooting in florida, it started off like any normal valentine's day around here.  as is typical on most holidays, the bean was allowed to break out of the school uniform and wear something festive and fun:

and i finally got to wear a top i'd made a couple of weeks prior.

plus, i got to upgrade my watch (which was super exciting because i'd been bitching and moaning about how the battery on my old one would be down to 10% by around 5pm).  

while we don't typically go out for valentine's day because most places are crowded/have terrible service/inflate prices, the hub and i did manage to enjoy a nice breakfast together at peach cafe in monrovia.  

once i heard the words "mimosa flight," it was game on.  the menu listed all of the flavors available, and i got to choose four of them:

i'm not gonna lie, they all kind of tasted alike except for the OJ one.  and it doesn't look like much, but i definitely walked out of there with a very pleasant buzz.  not even the super delicious french toast soaked up the alcohol:

all gone.

i looked pretty happy though, right?  

i'd picked up a bunch of little squishies for the bean, along with some slime and a fun card.  and for the old lady, i picked this up:

yes, that does indeed say "ros√© hard cider."  she seemed pretty pleased with it when she pulled it out of the pink gift bag i'd put it in, although she has yet to try it.  i guess we'll just have to see how she actually likes it when she finally cracks one open.

the day was capped off with a visit from brother wan, who'd arrived earlier in the day.  we didn't think we'd get to see him until a few days later, but as luck would have it he'd forgotten something and got back to pick it up just in time to see the bean before she went to bed.  she was so excited to see him, and it was sweet to watch her jump into his arms when he walked in.

that picture has turned into somewhat of a tradition by now, although i've gotta wonder how many more of them i'll get.  it's always so sweet, though, so hopefully they'll continue to do this every time they see each other.

pretty nice way to end a day of love, i'd say.

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