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Thursday, February 15, 2018

happiness is the crooked bee

so, back to solvang.  we were up at a fairly decent hour, with plenty of time to check out of our hotel and go walk around the town in search of some good breakfast.  we turned in our keys at the front desk - and who's with me on loving hotels that still use good old fashioned keys for the doors?

we started wandering around outside and came across this, which i have vague memories of from when i was younger during a family outing, and i'm kind of sad that it's all boarded up and fenced off.  maybe someone will buy it and refurbish it all and turn it into something cool.

i remembered visiting this little shop the last time we were here...during a camping trip with the old lady, her BFF rock-ell, MIL, the hub and the bean who was still teeny-tiny.

we peeked in a few different bakeries as we strolled along but we really wanted a sit-down breakfast, so we kept walking.

"do you know what a pay phone is?"

leave it to the hub to always find a cigar shop everywhere we go.

look, just like disneyland!

we ended up stopping here to grab a table and have some delicious food.

our server noticed that the hub was looking up all of those phrases painted on the beams above our heads and brought him a handy-dandy cheat sheet.  it was pretty funny to see that google translate doesn't always do it right.

breakfast was pretty basic, but we did start it off by splitting an order of aebleskivers, warm and soft and topped with some raspberry jam.  perfection:

we went into this shop that carried all sorts of random stuff (and never did find that lego room, either):

because i'm 12:

and then it was time to hop in the car and head towards the mission to check out the visitor center and be ready for the 1:00 free guided tour.  thanks for a great time, solvang!  till next time!

it was as i took this when i realized i hadn't taken a single selfie all morning.  d-oh!  rookie mistake, man.  gah.

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