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Thursday, June 21, 2018

all the eating, all the time

while we've been enjoying some easy breezy summer break days, we've also been doing a lot of fun eating.  the hub decided to take us all out to the west side one evening to enjoy some delicious food at eataly, which is one of the old lady and her special friend's favorite places.  and it seems that it's become one of mine too, especially since i found this:

we sat at a table in the middle of all the action and did a lot of peoplewatching, which is always fantastic.

and gorged ourselves on burrata and a fabulous charcuterie board.

the bean finally got to check out the oh-so-cute dots cafe:

and we got to help the dailygluttony family surprise mini DG with a fun birthday party at dave & buster's to celebrate his 10th.

there was grown-up food available too, but i was pretty stinking satisfied sitting at the end of the table where all the kid food was.  fries, mac & cheese, chicken tenders and mini cheese pizzas?  sign me up for THAT.  please and thank you.

the old lady and i dropped the bean off at cheer practice yesterday and as we headed out in search of something to kill the time we came across this fun food truck parked at a local high school.  shhhh, don't tell the bean.  heh.

this is the nutella nut sundae:

and the salted caramel churro.

i'm really trying to get the ol' summer bod ready, but with all of these fun snacks and delicious grub...well, i guess i'd better start hitting the barre and the orangetheory a little harder.  yay for summer!

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