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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

live joyfully

i was so, so sad to hear the news yesterday that kate spade decided to leave this earth.  she has a daughter who's just a couple of years older than the bean, and with every news outlet reporting all of the details of how she died and how she was found - well.  i'm really just heartbroken for her and the rest of her family.  the bean and i had a really good conversation yesterday about suicide and depression, and i tried my hardest to explain it all to her.  i mean, when you're a little kid and life is great and you're just happy-go-lucky all day every day, the concept of depression and suicide is completely foreign to you.  i just told her that no one ever really understands what someone else is going through and that we should just keep an open mind and an open heart and not judge their actions.  i don't know if it really sunk in, but she seemed to get what i was telling her.

and as the day went on, i got to thinking about all the ways that kate spade has been in my life.  i guess it sounds silly, but she's kind of been part of the family ever since the first christmas that the hub and i spent together.  her classic "sam" bag was the first christmas present he ever gave me, and although it's totally dated and i haven't even looked at it in ages, i love it and will probably keep it forever.  and since then, he and the old lady have gifted me with kate spade bags and wallets and shoes and clothing and phone cases and accessories for all sorts of occasions.  let me tell you, i have quite the kate spade collection.  i think there's a story or a special occasion attached to each item i have, and they all bring back such great memories for me when i pull them out.  and during a trip to NYC a bazillion years ago, the hub and i walked a crazy number of blocks just so i could get this:

(oof.  that is not a good picture at ALL)

i typed "kate spade" into the blog's search bar and came up with all sorts of great posts where i've been given something, visited a store, worn a dress to a fancy party.  so many good times that kate spade has been a part of.  she spread joy and brought color to the world and made so many of us happy with her fun products, and it's sad to think that she may not have been able to live as happily as she always encouraged the rest of us to.

rest well, kate.  i hope you've found peace.

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