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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

enjoying the easy breezy early days of summer

the bean's first week of summer break was - well, really pretty uneventful.  although i do have to admit that it's been really nice not having to worry about bedtimes and waking up at a specific time and rushing around in the mornings and stuff.  we're continuing the math program through june, and cheer practices are still twice a week.  but otherwise, our days are pretty open and easy breezy for the next few weeks.

one evening, we went to the hub's office to help him assemble some booklets for a meeting.  she sat at this desk and said she was pretending to be the boss.  weirdo.

she spent a long time adjusting and perfecting the sheets and covers on her bed one morning, and then that night decided she didn't want to mess it up and ended up sleeping right on top of it.  again...weirdo.

we had some time to kill before her piano and ukulele lessons one day, so what else did we have to do but take silly selfies?

national donut day.  'nuff said.

the ILs are in town this week for a work conference with FIL's company.  it'd been awhile since they were both here, so we took them to one of our favorite family restaurants for dinner over the weekend.

and then i finally got to try out a new massage spot that opened recently near the hub's lounge.  it was super cheap and i was pretty happy with it, so i'm excited to have a new place i can hit up for some reasonable relaxation.  although i was pretty amused when i opened my eyes and saw the bars mounted on the ceiling.  i don't think i'll ever need my therapist to use those.

the bean was excited to attend a birthday party for one of her fellow girl scouts - the one who's moving to maui.  she wanted to make her something special and decided she wanted to utilize her new hand sewing skills she'd learned at school to make a cute little pouch that would hold a gift card. since they've already packed up their house and sent all their belongings on a boat to hawaii, we wanted to make sure we didn't give the birthday girl more stuff to have to pack.  and she said that they share a love for sushi, so the pouch ended up looking like this:

and she decided to add this little stuffed sushi to the gift too.  she was super proud of her handiwork (as she should be).

the party was in a warehouse just around the corner from the house that was all set up with an "american ninja warrior"-style obstacle course.  it was really cool, and while i didn't stay to watch the whole thing, i knew the kids would have a blast.

with the birthday girl:

we're hoping that if we manage to sweet talk the hub into another hawaiian family vacation, we can go to maui and squeeze in a visit with our friends while we're there.

the ILs go back home today, and MIL comes back in a few weeks to pick up the bean for their annual grandma camp week.  the weather has moved away from the may gray/june gloom and the A/C has been cranking for the last few days.  looks like summer 2018 is in full swing.

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  1. You're right, the bean should be proud of her work! Those gifts will be treasured for days to come.


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