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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

return to manitou springs

the next day, we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed at a decent hour and scored a nice table out on the patio at denver biscuit co. to grab some breakfast.  while the hostess seemed to be super grumpy, we lucked out with a very sweet server who greeted us and our dogs happily.  there really wasn't much to take pictures of, but here's my cordon bleu sandwich - fried chicken, ham, cheddar and honey butter on a beautifully flaky biscuit.

from there we decided to drive around a little and found ourselves back in manitou springs.  this picture is particularly sucky because i took it from inside the car and through a super dirty windshield.  oh well.

after finding a parking spot we leashed the dogs up and took them out to walk through the little town. manitou springs is known for their mineral water and great location close to pike's peak.

there were cool fountains sprinkled up and down the street, and people would stop to cup their hands and grab a quick drink, or fill up their bottles with the fresh spring water.

the dogs were happy to be out and about.

and they both got a taste of that spring water too.  cocoa balked a little at the slightly (naturally) carbonated water, but teddy loved it.

we decided to climb up these stairs to see what there was at the top, but found that it was just an access alley with homes and apartment houses.

i always love to read up on the history of places that we go, and find it pretty amazing to learn how old things are, imagining all of the world events that have happened during its lifetime.  like, this hotel opened in the late 1800s!  so cool.

back at the hotel, teddy found a new hiding place under the entertainment center.  he was pretty pooped from the day, and this was the only place he could find that cocoa inexplicably wouldn't chase him to start a fight.  ha!

it was our last night in colorado springs before moving on to the next spot, so i'm glad he got a good night's sleep.

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