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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

revisiting the garden

our first full day in colorado started with a wake-up call from the dogs, alerting us to the very scary presence of a bunny on the grass just outside our room.

we were pretty amused at how much they both loved jumping back and forth from one bed to the other.

traveling with dogs is pretty interesting.  most places are really quite accommodating and don't bat an eye at seeing customers with their canine companions.  for the most part, any place that has an outdoor patio is cool with seating you with your dog, even offering to bring them bowls of water as they take human drink orders.  and being outside is better anyway, especially during this time of covid.  plus, it allows for easy access to grassy areas for potty breaks.

we'd gotten a pretty late start because we'd slept in so late.  and so for our afternoon outing, we went on a drive to the garden of the gods.  the hub and i have been here once before - on a segway tour.

unlike that first time, it was really crowded that day.  because there were so many people out and about - with only a few masks in sight - we opted not to get out and walk around.  instead, we followed the road and drove through the entire park, oohing and aahing over the views and the rocks.

cocoa really loves to feel the wind in her face.

teddy, on the other hand, was quite unimpressed and snoozed through most of the ride.

also, this is always going to make me laugh.  because i'm 12.

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