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Friday, July 17, 2020

welcome to woodland park

the next morning, the hub and i got up and started packing while the bean and teddy snuggled on her bed and slept in.

by the time we were done, she was finally up and ready to check out of there and head to our next destination.  bye, cheyenne mountain resort!

the moment we all got in the truck teddy made a beeline for his favorite spot...in the hub's lap.

meanwhile, cocoa relaxed in the backseat with the bean and enjoyed the feel of the wind in her face again.

every time we passed this place across the street from the resort, i could hear joey from "friends" saying "do you take vasa, or moostercard?" "friends" references really are everywhere.

it wasn't a very long drive to the cabin we'd booked for the rest of our colorado trip.  about 45 minutes later, we were pulling into mountain river lodge.

the hub had gone big and booked a family cabin for us, which was pretty awesome because we got this whole place to ourselves:

and we were pleasantly surprised when we stepped inside and took a tour of our new digs.  there was lots of room - way more spacious than what we'd had in colorado springs - with two bedrooms, a full sized bathroom plus a living room and kitchenette.  and there were all sorts of thoughtful amenities everywhere.

 the dogs were chomping at the bit to be set free so they could explore.

 meanwhile, the bean made herself nice and cozy on the top bunk in her room.

cocoa loved running in there too, because the window was low enough for her to be able to stretch up and look outside.

we decided to set up their pen outside the front door so that we could unload all of our gear from the truck and leave the door open without worrying about them darting out and running away.

and then just as i was reading this:

one of the ladies from the front office came to the door bearing this basket filled with goodies for us to have for breakfast the next morning.

we headed out for a quick drive around to see what there was around us, ending up on a dirt road with pretty views and coming across a deer or two.

teddy was, of course, in his favorite spot for the ride.

a little later, we headed back into nearby woodland park to see if we could find something for dinner. i took a mental note of the marquee i saw outside one establishment that read "welcome to woodland park, where all lives matter."  we pulled into the parking lot for a restaurant we'd seen recommended on yelp, right next to "antler alley."

and while the hub went to park the car i got out and went in to see if we could be seated in the patio.  the moment i walked in i felt all eyes on me - and not in a friendly way.  it felt hostile and uncomfortable as hell, but i couldn't decide whether it was because i was the only non-white person there or due to the fact that i was literally the only person within my line of vision who was wearing a mask.  probably both.

in any case, we didn't stay.  instead, we ended up in the small plaza near the grocery store and had italian food for dinner.  and then when we got back to the cabin, we heard a knock at the door again and found another lady from the front office bearing gifts...freshly baked sugar cookies.  yay!

it was quite the interesting day, to say the least.

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