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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

enjoying our freebies

the next morning, the hub headed off for his free round of golf while the bean and i caught a shuttle that took us down to the spa.  i had a massage booked while the bean went in for a teen facial, and it was lovely and relaxing.

after our treatments, we headed over to the marketplace for a little treat.  for once, the line for the housemade ice cream wasn't a mile long and we finally got to try it.

it was worth the wait.  and then afterwards, we went back to our room to change into swimsuits and hit the pool that was practically right outside our door.

we met up with the hub a little later and got ourselves ready to go out for dinner.  this time, we headed to the esperanza for our reservation at cocina del mar.

it was a really nice resort, and they even had a cigar roller right outside the entrance to the restaurant.

we enjoyed our dinner, and the servers were friendly and attentive.

it also happened to be the fourth of july, and our dessert was fun and festive.

there was a fireworks show at the beach later in the evening for the occasion.

we even got a nice family picture.

oh, these two.

and that's how we spent our fourth of july.

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