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Monday, September 12, 2022

the coconut shrimp was FIRE

while having lunch in the marketplace one day, the hub ran into an acquaintance who also happened to be vacationing at our resort.  she and her daughters had just come from the spa at one of the sister properties and were heading out to town for some sort of excursion, and their activities had been comped because she had agreed to sit down and listen to one of the timeshare presentations by the very persistent sales staff at the resort.  we'd turned down quite a few of them who tried to get us to sign up for one such presentation, but the lure of a fairly pricey freebie (or two) finally got us.

somehow, we managed to get assigned to a sales person who was fully aware that we had zero interest in actually buying a timeshare and instead spent the hour just chatting with us.  he covered all of the required information and took us on a tour of a couple of options, which was actually pretty painless and almost enjoyable.  and i gotta admit, the properties he showed us were really lovely.

not lovely enough to actually buy one, but at least we were entertained and didn't have to fight off a persistent, pushy sales pitch.  and at the end of it, we managed to walk away with vouchers for the spa plus a free round of golf for the hub.  we'd actually been given quite a few options - a boat ride to the famous arch, a sunset cruise, swimming with dolphins, ATV tours.  and while they all sounded interesting, we chose the activities that we'd been talking about since we got to cabo.

there was a free shuttle that would take us to the two sister properties, but by the time we got to the station all of the spots were taken.  and so instead we hopped into a cab and went to check out the pueblo bonito los cabos and pueblo bonito rose resorts.  

they were setting up for a wedding:

using the concierge at the rose, the hub booked us on one of the sightseeing boats that would take us over to the arch - because if you don't visit the arch, did you even cabo?

we boarded the boat along with about ten other people, and we were amused to see that the "glass bottom" consisted of a small framed rectangle of glass that also housed the extra life jackets.

still, it was a fun little ride with pretty views and a lovely ocean breeze that we all enjoyed.

and then when the ride was over, we headed over to the office for some snacks - burrata salad, coconut shrimp, shrimp cocktail.

all in all, a pretty good day.

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