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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

it's time for filipino heritage night

the day after we got home from cabo, we were off to take part in what's become an annual tradition with my cousins: filipino heritage night at dodger stadium.  i got to bust out my dodgers gear, which really only comes out once a year.

it was a beautiful late afternoon at chavez ravine.

and they were already getting set up for the all-star game that was happening the following week:

as in previous years, we had great seats thanks to my cousin.

they included a full menu of all-you-can-eat items, including the famous dodger dogs plus giant pretzels, dessert of the day (cheesecake this time) and a rack of snacks including popcorn, peanuts, bottled water and canned sodas.

we had more cousins who were seated in other areas of the stadium, so we coordinated a meetup at the bar downstairs for a quick hello and a group photo.

the hub and i left before the end of the game, while the bean opted to stay behind to hang out with their cousins.  they sent me these photos on their way home:

filipino heritage night has turned into one of my favorite summertime traditions. plus i have a sweet collection of jerseys to show for it.  woohoo!

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