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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

hanging out at tommy's

i'd come across a facebook post about luau night at dodger stadium where the giveaway was a fun hawaiian shirt.  i talked the hub into getting us tickets so that we could get the shirt for the bean, who loves crazy printed button-down shirts, and then we could go out for dinner after the game.

the shirt was actually really cute and i immediately busted it out and put it on over my dress.

one of the hub's good friends is a longtime dodgers season ticketholder, which means that he has access to tommy's bar, the semi-secret speakeasy tucked away next to the visitors' bullpen.  and he was able to score us a reservation that evening, so we headed over there as soon as we could.  the entrance was just past this display of tommy lasorda gear - not marked, of course, and we were stopped right away by the staff standing just outside the door.  they let us through after checking the list for the hub's name, and then we were in.

it's a cozy little space, with a well-stocked bar along one side with tasteful retro decor throughout and a peek at the visitor's bullpen through the window.

we took a seat at the bar and checked out the food and drink menus.

i decided to try the raspberry chavez - vodka, raspberry, egg white, lemon.  the hub went with the west side citrus, a vodka soda with fresh mint and simple syrup.

we sure do love a good charcuterie board.  and i'm pretty sure the "homemade" potato chips...weren't.  they were still good though, with the french onion dip that also likely came out of a tub.

oh, and fondue with a hot soft pretzel is always a winner with me.

i was a pretty happy camper, sitting there with my cocktail and all the snacks and my dodger hawaiian shirt on.  heh.

it wasn't your typical night out at the ball game...it was even better.  makes for a fun date night, that's for sure.  so if you get the chance to visit tommy's bar, do it!  you won't regret it.

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